Western Animation / Tom and Jerry Kids


Tom and Jerry Kids was one of the countless TV revivals of the classic Tom and Jerry shorts.

Airing from 1990 to 1994 on Fox Kids, this newly produced 65-Episode Cartoon, with Three Shorts to each episode, was much closer to the tried and true formula of the famous cat and mouse duo than, say, their earlier series. But still had the same watered-down violence carried over. There were also shorts starring classic Tom and Jerry co-stars Spike and Tyke, and Tex Avery's Droopy character(along with his son Dripple), the latter of which spun off into it's own series, Droopy: Master Detective.

Additionally, different original characters were brought into the show, such as Slowpoke Antonio and Bernie the Swallow. Even receiving their own separate segments.

Tropes found in Tom and Jerry Kids include:

  • The Ace: Droopy is portrayed as absurdly good at pretty much everything, from skiing to weightlifting.
  • Animation Bump: The episodes animated by Mr Big compared to the ones by Wang or Filcartoons.
  • Bedlah Babe: Princess Scheherazade in "Tres Sheik Poodles".
  • Butt Sticker: Frequently
    • "Two Stepping Tom" when the elephant singer is hanging on a beam he falls on Tom.
    • "Circus Antics" after Tundo the elephant introduces his family to Jerry, he asks where Tom is. And it is revealed that he's stuck to his butt.
    • "Swallow the Swallow" after Bernie the Swallow tossed Clyde off of his birdhouse, Clyde falls and lands on Kyle.
  • Butt Monkey: Tom quite frequently receives more of a beating than any other characters in any given cartoon, and usually with less justification.
  • Chaste Toons: Confusingly averted; Droopy now has a son (named Dripple), yet still goes after attractive ladies.
  • Chick Magnet: Droopy; even his son describes him as a "Babe Magnet". In fact he always manages to conquer Miss Vavoom on her various incarnations.
  • Don't Try This at Home: Spoken several times, usually by a human character, just before Tom was about to do something dangerous. One of them involved him splitting in two, and going around a tree from both sides.
  • Dreadful Musician: Slowpoke Antonio, to the point where he once literally destroyed the sunset with his bad singing at the end of one of his cartoons.
  • Expy: Miss Vavoom of Red from Red Hot Riding Hood (she is almost the same character).
  • Felony Misdemeanor: In one Droopy & Dripple short, taking candy from a baby is the most horrendous crime.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In one episode, a witch's Frankenstein-like minion leaves with Tom and Jerry, telling them he's really a good guy and has been trying to get out of the witch's castle for a long while.
  • Hello, Nurse!: Miss Vavoom get always this reaction from Wolf. Justified because she is an Expy of Red.
  • High-Pressure Emotion: Mostly done by Droopy and McWolf in their Wild Takes involving Miss Vavoom.
  • Hypocrite: In Chumpy Chums, Spike decides to force Tom and Jerry to become friends in order to show Tyke brotherly love - but he himself has absolutely no intention of making friends with cats until Tyke guilt-trips him into it.
  • Karma Houdini: One episode had a movie director firing a stuck-up actor and replacing him with Tom. The actor teams up with Jerry to sabotage Tom and get him fired. They succeed and the actor gets his job back, even though Tom did nothing wrong.
    • The babysitter in "Tom the Babysitter" who never receives any of punishment for constantly talking to her friend on the phone instead of doing her job.
  • Lighter and Softer: Basically Tom and Jerry with pulled punches. Well, it was The '90s, after all.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: One of the few things capable of making Droopy show any emotion is a kiss from Miss Vavoom.
  • Meaningful Name: Miss Vavoom.
  • Motor Mouth: Calaboose Cal.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Miss Vavoom.
  • Mythology Gag: In the episode "Yo Ho Ho... Bub", when Miss Vavoom is introduced, her walk animation resembles that of Red in the ending of the Tex Avery cartoon "The Shooting of Dan Mc Goo".
  • Painted Tunnel, Real Train: Spoofed in a Droopy short with a car race, where the villain McWolf takes advantage of Artistic Expression, by having Droopy drive into a sign and shoving said sign off a cliff (the wolf earlier crashed into a painted tunnel).
  • Parent Service: Miss Vavoom.
  • Picnic Episode: One Spike and Tyke outing has them try to have a picnic, but they get attacked by army ants that are trying to steal their food.
  • Recycled IN SPACE!: It's Tom & Jerry... as kids.
  • Smooch of Victory: Miss Vavoom kisses Droopy or Dripple in this fashion very often in their shorts.
  • Spinoff Babies
  • Suddenly Voiced: Tyke, courtesy of Patrick Zimmerman. Also Blast-Off Buzzard and Crazylegs!
  • Title Theme Tune
  • Universal-Adaptor Cast: Tom & Jerry and Droopy shorts have a wide range of settings, such as space, the jungle, ancient Egypt and so on.
  • Walk Into Camera Obstruction:
    • "Flippin' Fido" with Tom and a guard dog when the dog is first chases Tom along an aisle.
    • With Tom during the 2nd opening of the show after he runs through a fence chasing Jerry
  • Whole Plot Reference: The episode "Muscle Beach Droopy" is an almost beat-by-beat retelling of the old Pink Panther episode "Come On In! The Water's Pink", in which the titular character uses a bunch of balloon tricks to impress girls on the beach, at the expense of a bodybuilder. Really, the only major difference is that Droopy's episode has dialogue.
  • Wild Take: Happens from time to time, especially in the Droopy shorts.