Literature / Basil of Baker Street

Wait, The Great Mouse Detective was based off of books plural?

Basil: Elementary, my dear Dawson.

A long since out-of-print children's book series written by Eve Titus and illustrated by Paul Galdone about Basil of Baker Street, the Sherlock Holmes of the Mouse World, and his personal biographer, Dr. David Q. Dawson. Not as well known as its Animated Adaptation, The Great Mouse Detective.

These books provide examples of:

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     Basil of Baker Street 
  • Alliterative Name: Harry Hawkins, Sam Stilton.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Averted. Titus quotes the often missaid line in Robert Burns' "To a Mouse" correctly.
  • GPS Evidence: How Basil and Dawson manage to find The Terrible Three.
  • Location Theme Naming: Basil and Dawson sign the Greymouse Inn registry as "Captain Baker" and "Mr. Street".
    • Genius Bonus: "Captain Basil" was one of Holmes's aliases in the original stories.
  • The Magnificent: Barney the Bank Robber, Clarence the Crook, Freddie the Forger, Percy the Pickpocket.
  • Theme Twin Naming: Angela and Agatha Proudfoot.

     Basil and the Lost Colony 

     Basil and the Pygmy Cats