Heartwarming: Crash Bandicoot

  • In Crash Nitro Kart, Team Bandicoot is comfronted by boastful tribesman Krunk, who insists their Earth is a copy of Terra. After defeating him, a visibly dejected Krunk accepts his loss and offers them the world key as promised. Feeling bad, Crash offers him a gift in return; the yoyo he is constantly seeing playing with in his idle animations in the series.
    Krunk: What is this?...Gift from your world?
    *Crash nods*
    Krunk: Thank you...I am sorry. We actually copied your planet.
    *Crash sniggers as Krunk attempts to work the yoyo.*
  • Arguably also the ending to Crash Of The Titans, after finally saving Coco and earning a hug from his younger sister. As deranged as the story and dialogue were for that game it earns points for developing a Big Brother Instinct for the usually brainless bandicoot.
    Coco: You did it Crash! Thanks, Big Brother!
    Cortex: Oh gross. Get a room.
    • Let's not forget the group hug between Crash, Coco and Crunch after they make it back outside. It really speak volumes about Crunch's dedication to his Heel-Face Turn when he's sharing a warm and loving hug with the people he was fighting just a few years ago...Though Coco kinda ruins it by mentioning that he smells like bacon...
    • And later, Cortex's So Proud of You moment with Nina. Since betraying him was the most evil thing she'd done. For that he saved her from the crashing Doominator. It's almost undone right after however but Even Evil Has Loved Ones.
    Cortex: I'm still going to spank you stupid for this!
  • Pasadena establishes herself as a rowdy competitor to the main cast in Crash Tag Team Racing, and maintains that disposition in most of her game play dialogue. Whenever Crash talks to her however, she instantly becomes The Cutie and shows (perhaps a bit too much of) her gratitude for whatever favors he provides.