Headscratchers: Crash Bandicoot

  • Exactly how old is Crash and everyone else. I know this is a kids game and all, being a fan myself, but I have notice that every game has Coco goes from a small kid to a tall teenager. I'm just curious.
  • In the first Crash Bandicoot, you rescue Tawna Bandicoot. I don't ever recall seeing her in another game since. What happened to her?
    • IIRC, Tawna wasn't quite PC enough for a series targetted for kids, so she got shafted in Coco's favor in the second game. As far as I know, she did reappear in Crash Boom Bang on DS and some background art in Twinsanity.
      • Tawna was going to make a physical appearance in Twinsanity where she would have been having a romantic dinner with Dingodile until his shack is smashed by that snowball.
      • And as a framed picture in some of the Crash games.
      • I forget where it's said, but she ends up dumping Crash for Pinstripe. Remember that mouse/gangster thing? Yeah. Him.
    • That's only canon in Japan, but it's been accepted into international Fanon.
  • Why doesn't N.Tropy go back in time to prevent Cortex and Brio from creating Crash?
    • Because creating Crash causes Cortex to fail to lose the gems and the crystals. However, Cortex's bumbling defeats to Crash lead to Uka-Uka being set free. Going and stopping Crash from being made causes a paradox that stops Uka-Uka from being freed, stopping them from enlisting N. Tropy, and preventing them from going back in time in the first place.
    • Actually, According to the Manual (Or the Naughty Dog website I'm not sure anymore.) N. Tropy causes time paradox for his personal amusement. So chances are he has killed Crash. He just chooses not to stay in a time period where he killed Crash. And now that I think about itů
    • It's said in one of the manuals for the PS2 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, which due to the Broken Base is Fanon Discontinuity for some. Perhaps he can't, because You Already Changed The Past and You Can't Fight Fate would conspire against him. Crash and Coco used the Time Twister in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped with no apparent ill effects.
  • In Crash Bash the fight between Aku-Aku and Uka-Uka is to be settled by contests because they're not allowed to fight. Even though they already did in Crash 3... Even worse though, the game gives you two hero characters, and six villain characters. This wouldn't be so bad, as the series' characters are a bit lopsided on the villains side when this was made (only five characters in CTR had Aku-Aku as an invincible cast, of a cast of fourteen), but what makes it annoying is that of the villainous characters, one was on the side of good in Crash 2 (N. Brio), and one had never been seen before (Rillaroo). And yet confirmed villains Tiny and Dingodile are moved from the side of evil to good.
  • OK, in Warped, Uka Uka states that Cortex lost the gems and crystals (i.e. after his defeat in Cortex Strikes Back, they were left in the warp tower). How then, did they get out for the "future" levels?
  • Crash Bandicoot 2 had too much of an elaborate location for the Crystals and Gems, could have a hidden character positioned them?
    • Not unless A Wizard Did It. These are floating crystals, not your average buried-in-the-earth precious stones. Besides, who says
someone put them there?
  • Over time I speculated that someone who "knows" Crash positioned them. Outside of Cortex because that would be too easy.
  • So, as a fan of the series, I can't help but wonder why Activision hasn't made a new game considering the last one got both great reviews and sold rather well compared to previous installments, after they promised the fans not to do so. Seriously, what logic is behind withholding a new game after so long when it has a loyal fanbase, albeit a broken one, and got great reviews in the last one?
    • Because Activision only cares about Call of Duty these days. It's also the reason why they cancelled Guitar Hero as well.
  • So, can anyone tell me what is it Aku-aku says when you collect the third powerup and start wearing him?
    • Gibberish. Yeah, what did you expect? Some Narmy one-liner? If you expected dialogue, maybe you should look into the games after Twin Sanity.
    • According to Andy Gavin, it's either "Ooga booga!" or "Uga Booga!".
  • If the design changed for the Wii titles was why it wasn't released in Japan then why didn't they just redo the models like they always had?
  • There's a lot of confusion of how Cortex's lab and castle went up in flames in the first game since there was no specific cause, and in the 100% ending, it is unharmed. Some think Brio's explosive chemicals and Hulk smashing trashed it, some think Pinstripe's defeat in which he accidentally shoots out a reactor with his gun caused a meltdown, and if one looks carefully at the end of the Lab (final normal level of the game), it ends with a bridge of TNT crates next to what looks like a bunch of giant mechanical pistons for the castle.
  • In CTR, one of Oxide's taunts is to say "You're slower than a [what he says here is unclear]." What is he supposed to be saying?