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The Games

  • Crunch finally getting to show his stuff in the ending to Tag Team Racing, by ripping off a large sheet of hard steel from the ground to shield the bandicoots and Pasadena from Cortex's laser attack. This culminates with Crash blocking his machines engine with a well thrown hen.
    Cortex: I hate chicken...
  • In Team Cortex's Story Mode of Nitro Kart, defeating Nash leads him to go into Sore Loser mode and threaten Cortex for his key. The doctor just laughs at him as Tiny instantly runs in front of Cortex baring his claws furiously at Nash:
    Cortex: And sharks make such silly demands too!
    • In the end cutscene they essentially mug Emperor Velo for his sceptre. Yeah, it ended up going wrong, but they still overthrown the dreaded ruler of a freakin' galaxy. Revenge at it's sweetest.
    • A minor one, but check out the opening intro, when Velo is establishing the two sides are hostage in his arena, most of the comrades on either look bewildered or shocked. Crash however is giving a Death Glare and Cortex just looks bored off his ass from dealing with another Big Bad Wannabe trying to take his position.
  • An understated one, but Aku Aku saving Crash from being sucked into N. Tropy's vortex in N-Tranced. This (and Fake Crash) were a vital Spanner in the Works for the villains' plan so Crash could rescue the others.
    • Also a bad guy moment in turn, within seconds, N. Tropy caught and neutralised two out of the three bandicoots, and just barely failed to capture Crash. A Near Villain Victory within the opening moments of the game.
  • Coco, despite often relegated to an NPC, has some understated Awesome Moments.
    • In Titans she also stops Cortex's Doominator with a single twist of her Transperlooper ("the purple thingy"), which Crash conveniently had in his pants the whole time.
    • The latter case also came after Crash spending the entire game in Cool Big Bro mode and barging through all of Uka Uka and Nina's forces to rescue Coco. He's vacuous and immature, but you do not mess with Crash's little sister.
  • Neo Cortex retaking his Big Bad position from Uka Uka in Mind Over Mutant, and inflicting Cool and Unusual Punishment onto his Bad Boss after so many moments of abuse.
  • Note that The Huge Adventure actually started with Cortex having succeeded in his plan and already having control of the world through his Planetary Minimiser. The game revolved around Crash and Coco having to reverse the effects rather than preventing them from going forward.
    Cortex: I, Neo Cortex, am you ruler. You will look up to me! Hahaha!
  • Crash is back!


  • Josh Mancell, co-composer of the first four games by Naughty Dog, has been sharing a few of his original or alternative pieces through his SoundCloud account. You can find a playlist of his music here.