Awesome: Crash Bandicoot

  • While Twinsanity was the game that made Cortex into comic relief, what is quite possibly his best moment comes right before the final battle of that game. After being chased and abused by the Evil Twins who used to be his pet parrots, Cortex finally tells them, with no fear in his voice, that playtime is over and to go back into their cage. And it works.
  • In Mind Over Mutant, after several titles kicked around by Uka Uka and being a laughing stock to both enemies and allies, Cortex reaffirms himself quite swiftly as Big Bad once more, not only fooling most of the population (even Coco) into sampling his new brainwashing helmets, but disciplining his treacherous niece by kicking her into Evil Public School and overthrowing and torturing his Bad Boss. When laughed at by Crash and Aku Aku in their final confrontation, he reveals his own stash of N Brio's mutagen that quickly wipes the smirks off their faces.
  • Crunch finally getting to show his stuff in the ending to Tag Team Racing, by ripping off a large sheet of hard steel from the ground to shield the bandicoots and Pasadena from Cortex's laser attack. This culminates with Crash blocking his machines engine with a well thrown hen.
    Cortex: I hate chicken...
  • In Team Cortex's Story Mode, defeating Nash leads him to go into Sore Loser mode and threaten Cortex for his key. The doctor just laughs at him as Tiny instantly runs in front of Cortex baring his claws furiously at Nash:
    Cortex: And sharks make such silly demands too!
  • Coco, despite often relegated to an NPC, has some unsung Awesome Moments. She systematically destroys Cortex's plan herself by revealing his plan to make a super sized Cortex Vortex to Crash in the second game. In Titans she also stops Cortex's Doominator with a single twist of her Transperlooper ("the purple thingy"), which Crash conveniently had in his pants the whole time.
  • The latter case also came after Crash spending the entire game in Cool Big Bro mode and barging through all of Uka Uka and Nina's forces to rescue Coco. He's vacuous and immature, but you do not mess with Crash's little sister.