Awesome / Crackdown

  • In both games, especially at higher levels, you get to do this a lot. An Agent's typical day involves slaughtering hundreds, walking unharmed through grenade blasts, creating huge chain explosions, painting the streets with gangman/mutant zombie blood, throwing trucks at people and climbing skyscrapers. ALL IN ONE DAY.
    • It's possible at higher levels, as well, to take a carload of gangmembers and suplex it into ANOTHER carload of gangmembers (or zombies in the sequel), blowing the whole mess to hell, and walking away relatively unharmed.
  • The physics veers between this and Funny sometimes. Ramp truck glitch, anyone? (During a two-player game, both of you get in ramp trucks and find at least a short stretch of highway. Face opposite directions, line them up, and back them into each other. Both trucks will go soaring high into the air.)