Funny / Crackdown

  • When you do something ridiculously overpowered, nearby people will say the strangest things.
    Cell Soldier: [flying into the distance after the Agent does a Ground Pound attack] I'll be baaaaaack...
  • Chad Stroker flubbing his sign off at the end of one audio log.
    Chad: Chad Signer strokin' off!
  • The Freak Watcher trying to make friends with a freak. It doesn't end well.
  • In 1, there is a group of 3 Peacekeepers hanging around the Agency Tower. If the player stands near them long enough they will engage in random conversations with randomly picked answers that often make no sense. EX.
    Those Agents are badass!
  • Two for Los Muertos lieutenant Rafael Diaz in 1:
    • In his bio, The Director states that he's the head of all of Los Muertos' vehicular operations and is an master car thief. The accompanying visuals show him trying to pick the lock of a car door with a screwdriver for several seconds, before giving up and smashing the window open. Clearly, an expert in his field.
    • His post-death video shows a Los Muertos gangbanger delivering an old, worn-looking car to Diaz's replacement. The mechanic taps on the bonnet a couple times and the bumper falls off onto his foot. The mechanic starts to argue with the driver over his choice of car and the driver lightly slaps the car's roof, causing the passenger door to fall off it's hinges as the gangster stares at it, dumbfounded.