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Headscratchers: Final Fantasy IV
  • How did Golbez get to the underworld before Cecil and co. if Kain had the Magma Stone?
    • The Tower of Babil.
  • Why did Edge's parents kill themselves? Right, they look like monsters, but at least they are sentient and remember who they are, and they have someone who loves them no matter what. Why not try to live in a new form instead of commiting suicide on your child's eyes and leaving him heartbroken?
    • They only regained their senses temporarily. Knowing they would lose control again within a few moments, they instead decided to kill themselves. It probably was some mix between ritual suicide and not wanting to force their son to have to kill them himself.
  • How big of a Timey-Wimey Ball is the Feymarch, considering Rydia's age-up?
    • Not that big, since it's more or less a Decade Inside Month Outside situation. The Feymarch is definitely outside of the dimension Earth is on, considering it's floating appearance and it's entrance through teleportation.
      • So then it's confirmed that Rydia is physically ten years older in body, but what about in mind? Does she act like a teenager, or is she still childlike in someways?
      • Hard to tell. She acts rather mature to start with and nothing about her personality appears to significantly change when she returns. Though I've never played The After Years so that could answer this.
      • She lived for ten years in the Feymarch, so logically, she'd have ten years' more knowledge and maturity under her belt.
      • Is there's anything indicate the ratio between Blue Planet time and Feymarch time is fixed? If it is, shouldn't she be a approaching, if not into, middle age when she shows up for Cecil's Coronation? I mean, depending on how often you need to use Tents, Cabins, and Inns, the time between the shipwreck and the fight with Golbez could be a matter of DAYS.
  • Why does Golbez bother with having vanilla human soldiers in his army? During the Siege of Fabul, The Baron Marines only fight when their Captain orders it, the Captain will run if the Marines are killed, and the Marines will get confused and will attack each other if they don't have the Captain with them. Meanwhile, the monsters in the same battle just fight. Baigan got to be transformed from a human into a monster, and he fought quite well, so why didn't Golbez just do that to the rest of the human troops to compensate for their stupidity and weakness?
    • You can't ask that question in a Final Fantasy. Any of its villains could end the plot in a heartbeat by allowing a simple mook from the later parts of the game to curbstomp 2/3 of the planet. But in Golbez's case, his entire objective revolves around humans being disposable and nobody knows the time and cost for modifying humans through Dr. Lugae's untrustworthy hands.
    • The better question is why the Marines would attack each other if their Captain is killed or otherwise incapacitated.
    • The game has multiple instances of monsters disguising themselves as humans. What makes you sure that Golbez does have vanilla soldiers in his army?
    • At least initially, Golbez seems to be trying to pass himself off as just a human working for King Baron (he's introduced as the new captain of the Red Wings); he probably figures that if he reveals that he's controlling monsters too early, humanity might unite against him (and Baron might rebel against his puppet king.) After the fake king is killed, this is no longer an option, and he shifts to using entirely monstrous armies.
  • So if a Eidolon is killed, the summoner who called it also dies, but what about the other way around? Does the Eidolon die, (or simply return to the Feymarch) if the summoner dies first?
  • Does Rydia have a last name?
    • No. Neither do Palom of Porom because they're all low born trash.
  • Anyone else think Rydia was originally supposed to be "Lydia"? Then again though; not that I'm complaining, just wondering.
  • Whatever happened to the Dark Magic that Cecil had that is seen from the intro? We never got to use them when we have control of him.
    • One of them, the Firebomb (or Red Fang), is a rare drop from Red Dragons in the core of the Lunar Subterraine. The other one, Lit-Bolt (or Blue Fang), was retained simply for Cecil to use in the intro, and is unobtainable except through patch codes. In the Japanese version, both are rare drops in the second half of the game.
  • Is a reason ever given for how/why Zemus was able to turn into/spawn Zeromus after dying? Apart from being really angry that is. Is it normal for Lunarians to turn into hate fueled tentacle monsters upon death?
    • You could also ask why Kluya is apparently on Mt. Ordeals even though he is dead. (I guess it's his soul?) Maybe some sort of combination of magic and willpower can allow Lunarians to last for a long time if their normal bodies die, and the form they take depends on the nature of the person.
  • Why did the trap door at the top of the tower of Babil lead to a passage that terminates in an unguarded, top of the line airship?
    • Perhaps the trap door was actually intended as an escape route, rather than a trap? This wouldn't explain its position in the doorway, but it makes more sense than anything else otherwise.
  • The game outright says that since they turned to stone of their own accord that Esuna couldn't work on Palom and Porom. So just what the hell did the Mysidia Elder do to reverse something even Tellah, who had recovered all of his knowledge at this point, could not?
    • Tellah is so old that his stats go down when he levels up. The Elder looks rather younger (despite the name—maybe it's just a job title) judging by his hair color, so he might have more magic power to use on a counter-spell.
    • Alternatively, the Elder seems to be a white mage in the sequel; it wouldn't be surprising if he's better than Tellah at dedicated, long-term white-magic-specific projects. He also has all the resources, knowledge, and talent of Mysidia to draw on, while Tellah didn't; and he has time to spare working on the problem, while Tellah was in a hurry to stop Golbez.
  • Why didn't Cid just drop the bomb off of the ship instead of jumping?
  • Something that always kinda confused me is the shoddy handwave given for Tellah forgetting most of his spells: His ripe old age of sixty. Sixty is getting up there, but that's hardly a common age for senility.
    • In the world of JRPG's, where you can fight monsters at 5, join the military at 15, and you're considered a seasoned veteran with command of a whole wing of the military at 20, reaching 60 might as well be reaching 120.
    • Also, he has an adult daughter, and I believe he's implied to have been living in Kaipo with her for quite a while. It's entirely possible he's been out of the wandering-sage business for a long time. He's not senile - he's out of practice.
  • One thing I noticed that kinda bothered me was when Cagnazzo/King Baron, a pawn of Golbez, ordered all of the Summoners of Mist to die (they even somehow went to Kaipo to try to kill Rydia). Well at the Fabul Crystal Chamber, Rydia was the only one that wasn't attacked. Cecil was injured by Kain and Golbez easily swept through Kain and Edward while kidnapping Rosa, but he just left Rydia right there, you know, the same one who heals everyone and later takes out Golbez's Shadow Dragon.
    • It's possible that Golbez didn't realize who she was at the time; while there were soldiers hunting her down, Cagnazzo might not have thought her survival was important enough to report, since one untrained little girl couldn't possibly be a threat to Master Golbez. Even if he'd heard that one summoner survived, Golbez wouldn't have had any particular reason to get her exact description, and therefore wouldn't necessarily have associated her with one random little girl.
  • What exactly are the elemental Archfiends, and where did they come from? How much do they know about what's really going on? Do they know about Lunarians and Zemus? Are they aware that Golbez is under mind-control? Are they loyal to Golbez, or to Zemus?
  • In the DS/Mobile phone versions, we get an expanded backstory in regards to Klu Ya, explaining that he's repsonsible for giving humans airships, the Devil's Road, and magic. Except other parts of the script suggest the latter two are much, much older than airships. While Klu Ya might be Really 700 Years Old, it doesn't explain how he could get credit for inventing magic, be Theodore and Cecil's father, AND still be mistaken for human.

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