Nightmare Fuel / Final Fantasy IV

The main article for the Nightmare Fuel found in the Final Fantasy series states that somewhere in the franchise's history, all of the pants-crappingly scary stuff, which started as something occasional, became the norm.

Given this is the first game in the series to get its own NF page, we think it's safe to say this is exactly where shit hit the fan. Final Fantasy V is a Lighter and Softer sequel, but it has its own fair share of frights.

  • When Rydia summons Titan and causes the earthquake that separates Cecil from Kain, this is already a fairly emotional moment given they accidentally torched her village and killed her mother. When the DS version added voice acting to this scene, however, Rydia screams at them while fleeing in an absolutely bloodcurdling and near-primal rage before Titan tears everything to shreds.
    Rydia: Leave me alone! I HATE YOU!!
    • Even worse, while appalled, Kain was willing to finish the job and outright kill Rydia with no questions asked. It took Cecil being willing to commit treason against Baron to keep him from doing so, and even then he's quick to recommend they use force if Rydia didn't come with them. Keep in mind that he is Cecil's best friend, and almost a co-protagonist up this point before all the brainwashing and Heel–Face Revolving Door antics.
  • Trap Doors. There's a whole dungeon with doors that cause difficult monster battles, although some will open without resistance. Still, a giant door with teeth whose only moves are to target a party member and kill them is kind of disturbing. At least in some types of the game (including After Years) they're vulnerable to Stop.
    • From the DS version, after the first Trap Door dies, if you read Kain's thoughts:
    Kain: Please tell me not all of the doors are like that!
    • At least in that version, they are.
    • Several of those Trap Doors have absolutely nothing behind them, just an empty room.
  • Calcabrina. From the mere knowledge of the fact that you're fighting possessed dolls, to them cheerily telling your heroes that they are out for their blood (paraphrased oh so slightly), to their general appearance and movement, to the incredibly apt sound of their theme music. The DS version just takes it up one more notch.
  • Zeromus is pretty scary. It's basically a dark elf with so much hatred that it can continue to live on as a grotesque monster after it dies. In fact, that was its backup plan. Its main plan was to hypnotize Cecil and Golbez into being its puppets. In the PlayStation version, his response to Fusoya and Golbez fighting him is a simple "Die trying."
    Zeromus: My name is Zeromus, and I am the hatred.
    • Even more so in the Nintendo DS version, with a TERRIFYING voiced performance.
    Zeromus: I am the wellspring of darkness, fueled by Zemus' unbridled hate! I am he who is called Zeromus! I am he who knows naught but HATE!
  • The Evil Masks/Wicked Masks you encounter during the final stretch of the final dungeon before fighting Zeromus were only made more horrifying in the DS version.
  • Kainazzo/Cagnazzo, particularly in the DS version, where he is disturbingly jittery, and... legs just should not bend that way.
  • Evil Wall/Demon Wall. You get the last Dark Crystal, start to walk away, and all of the sudden, a grotesque demon partially emerges from the wall behind you and starts closing in! It doesn't help that it is a timed boss and once it reaches a certain point, it starts to kill off your party one by one. Not to mention the music, which really gets across the message that you have to finish it quickly, or bad stuff will go down.
  • The Mom Bomb, an early and reasonably straightforward boss. Before you piss her off she just looks like your everyday Bomb... until she's about to explode, at which point she turns into this.
  • And then there's Scarmiglione's One-Winged Angel form.
  • One name to fear them all: Doctor Lugae. Think about what he did to Edge's parents.
  • Rydia's Disney Death, which involves her falling off a ship and Yang failed to save her. Keep in mind that she was only a seven-year-old child at that time.
  • The Count spell, also known as Doom. While the game is full of unique spells with fantastic special effects and bizarre results, Count/Doom is especially nefarious: Its nightmarish animation shows a Grim Reaper rising from the inflicted character )which is also used in Death's animation) as a countdown appears over their head, killing them instantly once it reaches 0. There's absolutely nothing in the game quite like this spell, and the only enemies that can use it are found in two rooms midway through the final dungeon, so running into it is sure to incite panic in players. To top it all off, the sound it makes sounds a bit too human to be in this 16-bit game that otherwise uses no audio samples.