Heartwarming / Final Fantasy IV

  • Everytime "Theme of Love" plays when a heartwarming moment happens in the game.
  • Rydia, in her adult form, comes to save her friends from a powered-up Golbez.
  • After Edward saves the party from the Dark Elf, Tellah admits that he was wrong about him, that he's proud to have him for a son-in-law, and that he'll avenge Anna for both of them.
  • Cecil saying goodbye to Golbez and calling him "brother" (for the first time, in some translations).
  • The late King of Baron giving his power to Rydia so he can help you.
  • When you beat Odin, this exchange happens:
    ''You have grown strong. You must protect Baron with your strength. You must protect the world with your strength. I shall fight along side with you as Odin."
    • Especially since he was the former King of Baron before he got killed by an elemental lord and is accepting Cecil as the new leader and guiding force of Baron.
  • The Power of Friendship scene right before the final battle with Zeromus.
  • At the end of the DS version, there is one extra touch: when Golbez turns around to say goodbye to Cecil, he symbolically appears as Theodor.
  • The ending.
    • Even better: the final image of the game in the DS version, in which Theodor and his parents watch over the earth from the second moon.
  • Cecil, having woken up after Titan brought the world down on the village of Mist, finds Kain nowhere in sight and the little girl who summoned Titan unconscious beside him. Feeling immense guilt for accidentally killing the girl's mother, he picks her up and heads to the nearby town of Kaipo, where the innkeeper lets them stay without paying (as the girl is in obvious bad shape). That night, Baron's guards arrive and demand the girl. Now, think about this: Cecil may be feeling guilty for what he did, but by all appearances, the little girl killed his best friend. It'd be hard to argue against handing her over, especially since this might restore his standing with the King of Baron. Refusing, on the other hand, would mean never going home again. Cecil doesn't think for two seconds before killing the entire detachment. He is not that sort of man.