Funny: Transformers Generation 1

  • Seeing the Decepticons get drunk on Energon in "Micro-Bots" is probably one of the funniest moments in Transformers history. Megatron slurs his words and rambles about Cybertron being "The Home of the Metal Moon" and Laserbeak flies like he's drunk and crashes.
  • Megatron (to Starscream): "You're either lying, or you're stupid!"
    • Starscream (practically crying): "I'm stupid, I'm stupid!"
  • Megatron: "I've got morons on my team!"
  • Ironhide: "You monster! What've you done to Gears? You made him... nice!"
  • Shockwave (to Skyfire): "You cannot get out!" (Accidentally blows a hole in the wall behind Skyfire) Skyfire: "I can now!"
  • "They sure don't make terrorist organizations like they used to... COBR-(cough cough cough)!"
  • Ironhide: "Come on, Brawn! Last one up's a Robot Chicken!" Brawn: "No one calls me a Robot Chicken!"
  • Wheeljack: "Hang on to your crankshaft, I'm shifting into OVERDRIVE!"
  • In "Enter the Nightbird", there's a scene where all of the first season Autobots chase Nightbird up a cliff. The one Autobot that needs help getting up the cliff? Cliffjumper.
  • In "Megatron's Master Plan", there's a scene with Soundwave and all his tapes at a dance club. Rumble's dancing, Soundwave's chillin' with the ladies and some random guy asks Laserbeak if he wants a cracker. Laserbeak's eyes glow in response. This reaction could be interpreted as anything from "I will destroy you, human" to "Mmm, crackers..."
  • Ultra Magnus (entering the core chamber of a planet to nuke it): "I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy. All right, give me the bomb."
  • Soundwave tries to use a Mind Probe on Astoria Carlton-Ritz. His findings? "Subject's mind...completely empty." However, it turns out to be a malfunction in the device possibly caused by Astoria's presence.
  • In the pilot, when Ironhide diverts a flood, a human says "Thanks, neighbor!"
  • In "Quest for Survival", Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave encounter some sort of metallic plant life. Megatron warn Starcream from attacking it, but Starcream shoots the plant anyway. His laser bounces off the plant and hits him straight back. Megatron and even Soundwave laughs.
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