Trivia: Transformers Generation 1

  • Executive Meddling
  • Exiled from Continuity: Due to copyright claims by Marvel Comics, she could not appear in the cartoon. Eventually, she was removed from the comics as well. When Titan Books reprinted the Marvel series in their collected editions, they were allowed to use the character at the time. By the time IDW decided to issue their own reprints, Marvel locked them out... until recently, when they were able to license Circuit Breaker for reprints. As far as Regeneration One is concerned, a character vaguely resembling Circuit Breaker is seen in the background of one panel of a flashback, and is presumed to have been killed fighting the revived Megatron; her role was then assumed by Circuit Smasher.
  • International Coproduction - America/Japan
  • Name's the Same: Why does a teenage girl have a Decepticon leader's name as a nickname?
  • The Other Darrin: Due to Actor Existence Failure (upon the death of Roger C. Carmel), Jack Angel took over as the voice of Cyclonus.
    • Voice director Wally Burr has substituted for various voices including Ratchet in Masquerade, and Thundercracker in War Dawn.
  • Word of Gay: Sunstreaker was outed by Matt Moylan, no matter how illogical this may have been for a genderless robot.