Funny / Superman


  • In the very first Superman adventure, Supes is trying to see the governor, and since he's just starting out, no one is willing to let this weird guy in tights in the house. Superman is forced to break down several doors on his way up, and finds that the last door is not only locked, but made of steel. The governor's butler dares Superman to knock that one down, which Supes does quite easily.
    Superman: (To the shocked butler) It was your idea!
  • In the New 52, when Superman is first captured and studied by the military, they think he's a shapeshifter whose true form looks like a 5-legged goat creature. A flashback in a later issue reveals that the "alien" corpse they obtained was a malformed stillborn goat the Kents had passed off as an alien corpse after discovering baby Kal-El, bribing the soldiers investigating the crash with the body so they could leave the area undisturbed with the normal-looking humanoid infant that was readily accepted as their son.
  • The Pax Galactica, an ancient group of space warriors, declare Superman their leader after he defeats their mortal foe, the Lexus. Superman's first order of business:
    Go home. Find another quest.
    • The Pax Galactica accepts.
  • At the climax of the lengthy President Luthor story arc, Superman and Batman enlist the aid of a twelve-year old billionaire genius (who was using the "Toyman" name at the time) to build them a spaceship to destroy the kryptonite meteor racing toward Earth. Their expressions are priceless when they see that he has built it to look like a towering giant robot that looks like Superman on the right side and Batman on the left.
  • The classic "Tales of the Bizarro World" stories.
  • The frequent Bronze Age crossovers with Ambush Bug, who considered Superman his best friend, much to Superman's annoyance.
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk's debut story back in the Golden Age.
  • Superman/Wonder Woman: Superman vs Apollo. A Curb-Stomp Battle that will be remembered for the ages.
  • Half of the Silver Age comic book covers have become narmy and Hilarious in Hindsight. No wonder they gave birth to the concept of Superdickery.
  • Action Comics v2 #40: N52 Superman's first visit to Bizarroworld. Stand-outs are the Injustice League's "clean-up" after Metallo, and "Injustice League! Hug the bunnies!".
    • A bunch of cutesy fairy tale creatures think Superman's Badass Beard is not cute. So what do they do? They rip the beard off his face. Clean shave, indeed.
  • A darkly funny moment from Batman/Superman #21, part of the Superman: Truth storyline: Clark's found himself reduced down to around his Golden Age power level, and his secret identity's been revealed to the world. While investigating a case, he finds a lead to Gotham, and decides to check in on Bruce. What he doesn't know, however, is that Bruce has disappeared, replaced by a new Batman in Powered Armor...
    Clark: [narrating] But if the threat's really coming from Gotham, I can talk to Bruce. I should have gone to him earlier, anyway. He'll help me figure this out...
    [cut to Clark getting the stuffing pounded out of him by the new Batman]
    Clark: [narrating] Unless, of course, he's been replaced by a giant robot.
  • In Issue #3 of Superman: American Alien Deathstroke tries to assassinate Bruce Wayne. He ends up mistaking Clark Kent for Bruce Wayne. The results are HILARIOUS, with Deathstroke giving Clark a neurotoxin that would kill a normal person that ended up just making Clark acting like a goofy drunk, bent his sword into a mess trying to slice Clark in half, had Clark break the sword in half while proclaiming "Ta-dah! Sard borken" before flicking Deathstroke and sending up flying off of the cruise liner he was on.
  • In Issue #5 of Superman: American Alien, in the early days of his career the hero-that-will-be-called-Superman attempts to give a scary Batman-like threat to a bunch of criminals he's just apprehended about how the underworld should watch out for him from now on. He's not very good at it:
    Clark: Okay guys... Don't do crimes. Don't do crimes, or... I'll fly down from the sky and getcha. Next time — Wham! Pow! Um... Tell your friends I said that. [Flies off]


  • In the first episode of Lois and Clark, the montage of Clark trying on different costumes before settling on the iconic one.
  • An episode of the old George Reeves The Adventures of Superman is spent trying to prevent crooks from misusing a scientist's new supercomputer (an "electronic brain" in those days) to deduce Superman's secret identity. After they've been stopped, the scientist (played by Sterling Holloway) is alone with the machine and realizes he wants to know the answer himself, so he asks it. Its answer is a strip of ticker tape that says, "Wouldn't you like to know!"
  • Superman guest-starring on I Love Lucy. 'Nuff said.
    • There's a bit of overlap with Awesome there; the writers managed to pull off the story so that there was no illusion broken for the younger viewers. It wasn't George Reeves guest starring, SUPERMAN was hanging out with Lucy and Ricky.