Funny: All-Star Superman

  • The issue where Clark visits Luthor in prison, especially:
    Lex Luthor: (to Clark, who's taking notes) The inimitable Lex Luthor opened the floor and shook hands with a baboon in a Superman suit...
    Next panel...
    Lex: (shaking a baboon's hand) Evening, Leopold.
    Leopold: Raark.
  • The fact that the Fortress of Solitude has a little welcome mat on the front door.
    • With a key hidden under it. A key that weighs half a million (500,000) tons!
      • Also a Mythology Gag, as Lois refers to the giant "airline marker" key to the giant door back in the Silver Age continuity.
  • Lois' Insane Troll Logic while stalking Superman with the Kryptonite Gun:
    Lois: It all makes sense now. He's brought me here to be the mother of a race of super-children. Can't let that happen. They'll grow up and lie to everybody.
  • In a bit of Black Comedy that Crosses the Line Twice, when asked about the whereabouts of Bizarro Batman, the other Bizarros revealed that his parents shot him dead in an alley.
  • Atlas and Samson trying to woo Lois by, among other things, having an arm-wrestling contest with Superman.
    • The aftermath: a newspaper photo of them in the hospital, arms in casts.
      • Giving thumbs-up with their good arms.
  • in the animated film version, once Lex gains powers from the Superman serum a guard shoots at him with the expected results, but the amusing clincher is a bullet bouncing off his pearly white smile.
  • Luthor's subtle Take That to Moby-Dick in the prison issue: He programs his bibliobot to recite the book at the resonance frequency of his cell floor like a sonic drill, thus "boring [his] way out of prison".
  • The Running Gag throughout the series that - even when confronted with clear evidence that Clark and Superman are one and the same - nobody believes that Clark and Superman are one and the same.
    • Even when he confesses to Lois in Issue 2. She still doesn't believe it all the way up to the final page.