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Tear Jerker: All-Star Superman
  • When Jonathan Kent suffers a heart attack, Superman rushes to him so fast that his hair catches on fire from the friction, but he's still too late.
  • The Unknown Superman's comment to Jonathan Kent, "It all works out in the end." Becomes one retroactively.
    Superman: Pa? Why can't I hear his heartbeat?
    • This simple line from the Prime Superman of DC One Million: "This is an indestructible rose from New Krypton. For him. From all of us. In remembrance of all that we are. And all that we will be."
  • Superman: I love you, Lois Lane. Until the end of time.
  • That heartwarming moment with the suicidal kid is also a tear jerker. If you took all eighty years of the character's history and distilled it into a single pure moment containing all his best qualities, that one page would be it. He inspires strength, wisdom, kindness, freedom, value and hope in just a few words. And he saves a life.
  • In-Universe with Lex Luthor openly weeping at all the pain and anguish that he can hear now that he has Superman's powers.
    "It's a cruel joke. The mechanistic clockwork of reality, hinging on a precious, impossible defiance of entropy. On Life. And the clockwork doesn't care. It's like... (growing realization) It's like it's just us, in here together. We're all we've got."
    • Really needs to be viewed for the full impact. The way Lex's voice just cracks on that last line seals it.
  • The film actually manages to out-Tearjerk the comic in the ending, thanks to Christopher Drake's amazing score.
    TearJerker/SupermanFor the Man Who Has Everything

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