Funny / Superman/Batman

  • In their first adventure, Supes and Bats fight a legion of supervillains out for a 1 billion dollar bounty on Superman's head posted by Lex Luthor. Surrounded and vastly outnumbered, the duo stand back-to-back, and we get this gem:
    Batman: I think we can take them. Do you think we can take them?
    Superman: You always think we can take them.
    • Note: They take them.
    • The discussion on how to approach the new Toyman.
    Katana: But…The kid made it clear he wants to talk to Superman.
    Batman: He is also thirteen years old. Find a way to distract him.
    Power Girl: What’s everyone looking at me for? How am I supposed to distract…Oh.
    Superboy: Why couldn't I be doing this with Power Girl!?
    Supergirl: What'd you say!?
    Superboy: Nothing.
  • Any scene where Bizarro and Batzarro appear.
    "Me no am BATZARRO - World's Worst Detective!" *MALB MALB MALB*
  • Issue 51. All of it. But especially the Goshdarned Batman.
  • The 'K' arc (from which the chibi League debuted) had a number of other funny moments, and made even funnier because most of them involve the normally Comically Serious Batman, if not actually being delivered by him:
    • The ridiculously inaccurate Superman/Batman movie, which takes...a few liberties with Batman's character, making him a blond who had a sister, with both being victims of child abuse, and having him inspired to become Batman because of the baseball bat wielded by his father. His batcave is also on the moon. All the while the real Batman and Superman are watching the filming process; Bruce is not amused, but Clark sure is.
    Batman: (internal monologue) This is ridiculous.
    Superman: (internal monologue) This is hysterical.
    • And later in the same scene...
    Superman: (internal monologue) I have strength enough to move mountains... I'm not sure I'm strong enough not to laugh right now.
    • After Superman is recovering from being hit by Kryptonite shrapnel, he wears an eyepatch to cover the damaged eye and approaches Batman and says he has a question for him.
    Batman: (sporting a visible grin) No, Clark. You can't borrow my pirate ship.
    Superman: ''Is there any more of that magic-K stuff? Don't hold out on me."
    • While Superman is fighting a losing battle with "The American Boy," a Doomsday clone modified to have Kryptonite bone protrusions, Batman flies in on his Batwing to assist.
    Batman: (sporting another visible grin) Damn, I really liked this one. Fastest top speed yet.
    *Batman crashes the Batwing into "The American Boy."*
    • A small one, following the battle with "The American Boy" where Clark and Bruce have dinner at the Kent farm:
    Martha Kent: Eat your peas, Bruce.
    Bruce Wayne: Yes, ma'am.
  • The exchange between Damian and Grayson about whether the former has a crush on Supergirl in #77