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Drinking Game: Superman
Drinking Game for Superman/Superboy.

Most of this game is based off of Superdickery, so all of the drinks will be referred to as shots. You may substitute drinks for shots.

  • Every time Superman is a dick, take a shot.
  • Every time Superman uses a previously unseen superpower, take a shot.
    • Take another shot if he or the narrator refers to it as "Super-<Insert Power Here>"
  • Every time Superman loses any of his powers, take a shot.
    • Take another shot if the power loss was not caused by Kryptonite.
  • Anytime Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, or anyone that's not normally super gets superpowers or dressed like a superhero, take a shot.
    • Warning: Jimmy Olsen alone will leave you plastered in record time.
  • If Superman is doing something ridiculous on the cover (ex: digging his way to China), take a shot.
    • Take two shots if he's doing something mundane (ex: painting a fence)
  • If Superman appears on a war-based cover (ex: threatening Hitler), take a shot.
  • Every time there's a reference to Krypton or a Kryptonian that's not Superman, take a shot.
  • Every time Lois Lane is kidnapped, take a shot.
    • Take two shots every time she's killed or nearly killed.
      • Three shots if Superman was the one who killed or nearly killed her.
  • Take a shot every time Lois Lane gets married to Superman.
    • Take two shots if it's to someone who's not Superman.
  • Every time red kryptonite does something weird to Superman, take a shot.
    • Take two shots any time there's a reference to kryptonite that is not red or green.
  • Any time a woman with the initials "L.L." is referred to, and it is not Lois Lane, take a shot.
    • If it is a Superboy Comic, substitute "Lana Lang."
  • Anytime someone's age is changed, take a shot.
  • If Superman makes an appearance in a Superboy comic (or vice versa), take a shot.
  • If two different people with "Super" in their name get in a fight (ex. Superman VS Superboy), take a shot.

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