Funny / Superhero Movie

  • Rick selling pictures of himself in his superhero costume to a newspaper ala Spiderman, except it's literally just him in his costume taking selfies. When one of the journalists points this out, Rick "proves" that they are different people by showing a picture of Rick posing with a mannequin dressed in his hero costume.
  • "Give me 5 minutes!"
  • The parody of the Spidey-MJ upside-down kiss is just plain brilliant. The ladder on which Dragonfly stands suddenly lowers enough to turn a kiss into something else.
  • "We have students who can walk through walls. We have students who think they can walk through walls."
  • "JESUS CHRIST!!" "Amen."
  • The snail apparently humping Rick's shoe.
  • This:
    Lou Landers: Of course, I've never married.
    Jill Johnson: (offering a piece of cake) Fruitcake?
    Lou Landers: Nope, just never found the right woman.
  • "This is, healthy cough blood."
  • This exchange:
    Hourglass: Titanium blades. They cut through diamonds.
    Dragonfly: I'm not wearing any diamonds!
    • Even better, Dragonfly then dramatically leaps into the air to dodge the blades...only to get promptly hit by all three.
  • Rick showing off his costume for the first time, only to quickly realize he didn't include any air holes or a way to see.
  • Seeing Brent Spiner shriek like a little girl... literally.
  • Whatever you do, don't use flash photography on the genetically engineered animals, otherwise they'll burst into flames.
  • Deleted scenes from the Dragonfly beginning his crime-fighting career saving a couple, beating up bad guys, and helping a guy get ketchup out of the bottle.
  • At a funeral:
    Priest: We are gathered today to say goodbye to Lucille Adams.
    Mourners: BYE!
  • Rick and Landers' increasingly outlandish explanations for their injuries. Culminating in this little exchange:
    Landers: And you have a cut on your lip.
    Rick: My... crack pipe broke.
  • What does Rick do when one of Hourglass's bombs ends up on his crotch? He turns to Jill and says "I need you to yank this off!"
    "Oh, FUCK!"
  • "This just in, Tom Cruise is dead."
  • Despite going through depression, Rick's Beard of Sorrow is actually fake.
  • Leslie Nielsen saying "Don't forget the bitches."
  • Rick discussing his made-up conversation with his superhero persona with Jill as a roundabout way to tell her how he feels becomes a lot less dramatic when his elderly aunt starts cutting some serious cheese while sleeping on the couch right next to them. Cue the wallpaper literally curling.
  • During a confrontation between Dragonfly and Hourglass the camera spins around them dramatically. However it get too much for them and they actually stop their fight and tell the camera to halt before they throw up. Hourglass even asking if Dragonfly is okay.