Funny / Superhero Movie

  • Rick selling pictures of himself in his superhero costume to a newspaper ala Spiderman, except it's literally just him in his costume taking selfies. When one of the journalists points this out, Rick "proves" that they are different people by showing a picture of Rick posing with a mannequin dressed in his hero costume.
  • "Give me 5 minutes!"
  • The parody of the Spidey-MJ upside-down kiss is just plain brilliant. The ladder on which Dragonfly stands suddenly lowers enough to turn a kiss into something else.
  • "We have students who can walk through walls. We have students who think they can walk through walls."
  • "JESUS CHRIST!!" "Amen."
  • The snail apparently humping Rick's shoe.
  • This:
    Lou Landers: Of course, I've never married.
    Jill Johnson: (offering a piece of cake) Fruitcake?
    Lou Landers: Nope, just never found the right woman.
  • "This is, healthy cough blood."
  • Hourglass: Titanium blades. They cut through diamonds.
    Dragonfly: I'm not wearing any diamonds!
  • Dragonfly then dramatically leaps into the air to dodge the blades...only to get promptly hit by all three.
  • Rick showing off his costume for the first time, only to quickly realize he didn't include any air holes or a way to see.
  • Seeing Brent Spiner shriek like a little girl... literally.
  • Whatever you do, don't use flash photography on the genetically engineered animals, otherwise they'll burst into flames.
  • Deleted scenes from the Dragonfly beginning his crime-fighting career saving a couple, beating up bad guys, and helping a guy get ketchup out of the bottle.
  • Priest: We are gathered today to say goodbye to Lucille Adams.
    Mourners: BYE!
  • Rick and Landers' increasingly outlandish explanations for their injuries. Culminating in this little exchange:
    Landers: And you have a cut on your lip.
    Rick: My... crack pipe broke.
  • What does Rick do when one of Hourglass's bombs ends up on his crotch? He turns to Jill and says "I need you to yank this off!"
    "Oh, FUCK!"
  • "This just in, Tom Cruise is dead."
  • Despite going through depression, Rick's Beard of Sorrow is actually fake.
  • Leslie Nielsen saying "Don't forget the bitches."
  • Rick discussing his made-up conversation with his superhero persona with Jill as a roundabout way to tell her how he feels becomes a lot less dramatic when his elderly aunt starts cutting some serious cheese while sleeping on the couch right next to them. Cue the wallpaper literally curling.