Funny: Spider-Man 2

  • Jameson's epic reaction to Peter's request to be paid in advance: he cackles. For almost ten seconds straight, looks at Peter, then goes back to cackling before finally stopping with:
    "You serious? Pay you for what, standing there?"
  • For some reason, I always bust out laughing when J. Jonah Jameson realizes Mary Jane stood up his son at the altar. The very first thing he says to his wife, with the utmost seriousness in his voice, is "Call the caterer. Tell her not to open the caviar."
  • Here's one most people miss:
    J. Jonah Jameson: I'll give you 150.
    Peter Parker: 300.
    J. Jonah Jameson: That's outrageous! Done.
  • The "Spider-Man rides the elevator" scene.
  • In the climactic scene, just after MJ discovers Peter is Spider-Man, a giant wall starts falling on her. He catches it, grins at her, and says "Hi!"
    • "This is... really heavy."
    • Also, his scream when the wall is about to fall on her. It's so Narmy that you just gotta love it.
  • The outtakes of JK Simmons trying to say "...a thief!" when Spidey takes his costume back due to the fake teeth in his mouth that won't stop popping out.
  • The scene in the extended cut where JJ wears the Spidey Suit unaware he's being watched.
  • The "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" montage.
    • The bit that always slaughters me is the bicycle wheel coming off, bouncing out the window and hitting a car below. Cue yells.
      Peter: Um! Sorry!
  • The spoof of his first attempt to come back to being Spider-Man.
    Peter: I'M BACK!
    *Jumps, and falls into washing lines and lands on a car. He gets up and his back cracks loudly*
    Peter: MY BACK!
    • As an added bonus, the alarm to the car that Peter fell on goes off as he walks away.
  • In an interview on public radio, Bruce Campbell discusses his various roles in the films, playing up their importance for laughs. When discussing his usher role in this film, he jokingly brags that he "defeated Spider-Man."
  • Aunt May kicking the loan guy, though she tried to kick Peter's leg, but his Spider Sense help avoid that. During the fight between Spidey and Doc Ock, a coin rolls towards him, he picks it up, but Aunt May slaps his hand, making him drop it.
  • Who could forget:
    J. Jonah Jameson: Spider-Man...was a hero. I just....couldn't see it. He was....
    J. Jonah Jameson: ...a thief! A criminal! He stole my suit! He's a menace to the entire city! I want that wall crawling menace PROSECUTED! I want him...STRUNG UP BY HIS WEB! I WANT SPIDER-MAAANNN!!!!
    • The entirety of the outtakes for the film are hilarious, but the best bit is arguably JK Simmons having trouble keeping his fake teeth in when yelling "A THIEF!"
  • The Video Game has one of Spider-Man's all-time funniest lines, when he is confronted by the Shocker:
    Spider-Man: Shocker, you look good! Have you been re-upholstered? note