Funny: Smogon

  • Some of the summaries for pokémon are delightfully snarky. Take, for example, the entry for Castform, whose only set offered is... "Everybody Look At Me I'm Using Castform". Made even funnier by its additional comments.
    "Whether Castform the Weather Pokemon can weather the weather is dependent on whether the weather that it's weathering is the proper weather for it to weather. Whether the opponent can weather the weather is also subject to whether the weather that it's weathering is the right weather to weather. Whether Castform can weather the opponent is once again dictated by the weather and whether that weather is the favorable weather for weathering. But most importantly, you should know whether there will be weather to weather rather than what weather they will be weathering and whether they can weather that weather."
  • The Most Almighty Unown's entry is also pleasantly sarcastic.
    "Other Options: You can literally run any type of Hidden Power! Unown has an option for every type and its power knows no limits—other than being hit by any other opposing Pokemon, of course. Unown wouldn't want to learn any other moves anyway, because it does not need them. Hidden Power is all it needs to wreak havoc, cause despair, and spread fear amongst the opposing team. Using stronger moves such as the boring Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, or Draco Meteor would make Unown a little girl who can't fight and likes to risk a miss that could cost you a game. Unown is no gambler."
  • Also amusingly, it outright denies Magikarp his normal Memetic Badass status, putting it in the "Overused" tier in its summary due to, well... the other definition of "overused".
  • Then there are the analyses from the fourth gen, which are just as good in their own way. In particular, the one for Kakuna is hilarious due to being written in the style of an actual least until you look a bit more closely...
    "Choice: This is your standard Choice sweeper. With Bug Bite, Kakuna is not walled by the likes of Steelix and Steel-type Arceus. As a matter of fact, Bug Bite's addition lowers max HP / max Def Steelix from a 94HKO to a 36HKO. Max HP Steel-type Arceus is now a 25HKO, while min HP/Def Psychic Arceus is a 22HKO.
  • The April Fool's Pokemon of the Week analysis for Donphan is pure comedy gold.
  • The Arceus articles' Introductions evoke hammy Purple Prose.
  • The 2013 April Fools' Day joke had the sprites used on the simulator replaced with fanmade sprites made by the community...but this being April Fools' Day, the sprites were incredibly Off Model. And the ones that weren't just blatantly Off Model often were either drawn in chibi style or contained Shout Outs; the number of references the artists managed to sneak in just boggles the mind. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • For April Fools' Day 2014, not only did Pokemon Showdown! add Kalos sprites, but each April Fools' Day sprite got a shiny version, with some shinies having an extra layer of humor. That's 3,734 new shinies!
      • "(Pokémon) used FISSURE! ...Just kidding! It was Earthquake!" The whole SCREEN also shakes for the animation. Even funnier than that is what would happen if you used Taunt or Metronome.
  • Someone posted a petition on the forums for Lugia to be unbanned, and the de-facto leader Haunter replied with this.
    • This may have also been a reaction to a troll making a petition to ban Castform, which consisted entirely of the "weather the weather" speech.
  • Someone decided that they didn't have enough Character Tiers, so they made a thread for ranking cuteness. It's only for Little Cup, but it's still hilarious.
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