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  • Acceptable Targets: Poké Tubers, people on YouTube that post videos of "competitive" Pokémon matches, are often mocked due to them indirectly invoking Sturgeon's Law for competitive play and their propensity to give out bad advice. More skilled Poké Tubers or those directly from Smogon themselves (like pokeaimMD or CybertronProductions) aren't subject to this since they actually know what they're talking about.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Given that at least Americans, if not the whole of the English speaking world, loves Charizard, it is quite ironic that Charizard was generally hated amongst Smogoners (also predominantly English-language based) until the 6th Generation. Justified due to Charizard actually being not very useful until the buff for Generation 6, and Scrubs attempting to use Charizard regardless adding to the ire. See the Tier-Induced Scrappy, and The Scrappy entry within the Pokémon pages.
  • Awesome Art: The site has a surprisingly large group of artists that make works for The Smog web magazine or just like to post their stuff on the site. Special mention goes to long-time member Yilx, who makes a ton of amazing pieces.
  • Base Breaker: Most ban discussions end up as this, but a special mention goes to the discussion of Swag Play, a "strategy'' which consists of confusing the enemy and increasing his Attack in order to use it against him with Foul Play. The original thread was split between those who wanted all forms of confusion banned and those who felt that banning Swag Play is completely ridiculous and should have never been considered in the first place. In the end, the discussion devolved into such a mess that it was locked. The current consensus seems to be that while it isn't broken and can be beaten out, it's so incredibly Boring, but Practical to the point where entire official tournaments hinged on the strategy, and people are just sick of seeing it.
  • Casual-Competitive Conflict:
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The site is infamous for how much they love the entry hazard Stealth Rock, to the point that it's almost memetic; virtually every team carries it regardless of what tier is being played since it's just so darn useful. If you're playing on the actual games' random Wifi and doing a Singles battle, you can probably infer whether or not your opponent from the site based on whether you see Stealth Rock being used.
    • The Gen V metagame was widely hated due to the fact that Politoad's permanent rain caused this. Even after Drizzle and Swift Swim were banned from being used together, it was still powerful enough that few people used anything else, and Smogon refused to put any larger of a ban on it, for fear of Jumping Off the Slippery Slope. About half of all teams used had Weather by the time X and Y were announced.
  • Creator's Pet: Stall. Most Pokemon that are tested for banning are offensive in nature, and several have been tested specifically because they threaten this one playstyle. What makes this even worse is that the best Special Walls in the game (Chansey and Blissey) have never been put up for testing despite technically being suspect-worthy.Explanation 
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Has its own page.
  • Fan Nickname: Most Pokémon have alternate names that are usually just shortened versions of normal names ("T-Tar" for Tyranitar, "Chomp" for Garchomp, etc.). A small number have one of their sets named after the user who came up with it, like "Crocune" for a RestTalking Suicune named after user Cromat.
  • Game Breaker: As the authority on competitive Pokémon, they have the most knowledge about what is considered broken. Their opinion is respected to the point that the Game Breaker page for Pokémon pretty much requires that Smogon has banned any examples that apply to competitive or Player Versus Player situations or else it will get deleted.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Appears every so often in suspect tests. Examples include suggesting something is uncounterable...provided it runs four items and seven moves at the same time. note  An especially well-known example is "Outplay the coinflip" (see Memetic Mutation for details).
  • Memetic Badass: Druddigon. See Memetic Mutation below for the reason why.
  • Memetic Mutation / Fountain of Memes: The community has developed many in-jokes over time.
  • Mis-blamed:
  • More Popular Spin-off: Smogon's rules, while not perfect, are widely considered to be vastly superior to the official rules set down by Game Freak/Nintendo.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: In Gen 6, Charizard's Mega Evolutions made it a legitimately solid choice in higher tiers; Mega Charizard X is essentially Salamence with a better typing and a built-in, recoil-free Life Orb for contact moves, while Mega Charizard Y gets Drought and is the hardest-hitting non-Uber weather inducer. Not to mention that it's often hard for the opponent to predict which Mega Evolution Charizard is packing.
  • The Scrappy / Tier-Induced Scrappy: Pretty much the same thing here.
    • Politoed in Gen V, for causing the Weather Wars, turning the metagame into nothing but Weather Teams and creating a ton of Game Breakers just by its mere presence.
    • Prior to Gen VI, Charizard in any tier above RU (read: the tiers with the best/most used Pokémon) after Generation 4 introduced Stealth Rock, at least to the more experienced players. Especially so in the Uber tier, where Charizard has no business participating in at all. Here's a quick explanation of why.
    • Zig-Zagged with the item Assault Vest. While it's a legitimately good item, newer players tend to slap in on anything that runs sets with 4 attacks (such as Durant) and/or has middling Special Defense, giving it the reputation as a noob item.
    • Electivire. It was hyped up in Gen IV for having massive coverage in one moveset, but Hype Backlash quickly settled in once people found it it was too slow (its speed is Base 95 when Base 100 is the most important speed stat), too weak (all of its attacks have low Base Power), and too predictable (it was often found with Gyarados to try to abuse its ability by switching in to absorb Electric attacks Gyarados would have taken). It was horribly bashed while it was OU in Gen IV and it later dropped down to RU in Gen V (where it also sucked) and finally hit NU in Gen VI. It's still bashed for being a crappy Mon and is massive Snark Bait whenever people use it.
    • Shaymin-S is another infamous example for having a very high special attack and speed stat in conjunction with the annoying combo of Air Slash and Serene Grace. It was loathed so much that it was the first Pokemon to be banned to Ubers unanimously.
    • Claydol in RU. Often used by newer players, because of its seemingly good access to both Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin. However, in reality Claydol is so flawed that most experienced players regard it as complete trash (in fact, Rarelyused Leader Molk tried to make it work, and publically judged it as the worst Pokemon he's ever used after weeks of testing). While Rapid Spin is a great move to have, Claydol's ability to use it effectively is hampered by the fact that it simply gets dominated by any Ghost type Pokemon. Not just having its Rapid Spin blocked, but an almost complete inability to get past them otherwise and a weakness to Ghost type moves to top it all off. On top of this, Claydol's unfortunate defensive typing gives it a weakness to almost every relevant offensive type in the tier, making its good defensive stats almost moot and meaning that even if Claydol ends up getting past a Ghost type somehow it often gets K Oed or forced out before it can pull off a Rapid Spin regardless, and by the time it finally gets an opportunity to Rapid Spin the entry hazards its aiming to remove have already done their job. On top of all of that, the buff to Defog in Generation VI to remove hazards from both sides of the field gives it major competition since Defog cannot be blocked like Rapid Spin.
  • Scrub:
    • Averted... allegedly. Almost everything they ban is determined via tests, community feedback, and whether or not the supposed Game Breaker is overcentralizing (becomes so common that you are required to run something to counter it specifically, regardless of what kind of team you are running). The process is nonetheless prone to groupthink.
    • However, if you want Evasion to be legal, the entire competitive community will brand you as one.note  You will also likely ignite a horrible flame war.
      • Ironically, evasion was allowed for Ubers after testing the tier and participants deciding that it isn't that bad due to how powerful everything is there. Doesn't stop a few losses turning into wins due to blind luck every now and then, though.
      • Double Team advocates tend to change their minds after fighting Justy from Colosseum/XD or a Minimize Chansey holding Eviolite.
    • White Knighting your favorite pokemon, especially starters, against legitimate criticism by invoking Popularity Power will also cause you to be viewed as this. note 
    • Also played straight with casuals who try to adopt Smogon rules and force others to abide by them despite a) not having a single clue what half of them mean and b) not being anywhere near the skill level where those rules start to mean anything.
  • Scrappy Meta: Gen V OU is infamous for this. Thanks to the Permanent Rain given by Politoed, most teams on the simulators ran Weather to either abuse it or counter it, causing the entire meta to revolve around it.
  • Skill Gate Character: Eviolite Doublade in RU. Thanks to Doublade's great Attack stat, incredible coverage, excellent Steel/Ghost typing, and absolutely absurd physical defense, players who are new to the RU tier often build teams that can't even hurt Doublade, let alone take it out, which often causes it to be mistaken for a Game Breaker among newbies. However, Doublade's poor Special Defense and Speed stats, reliance on moves with low base power, and vulnerability to the ever common move Knock Off (which doesn't just hit the sword super effectively, but immediately cuts its defenses because of its reliance on the item Eviolite) can be taken advantage of quite easily by someone who knows what they're doing, and cause it to be viewed as a perfectly manageable (albiet still threatening) Pokemon in higher level play.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: As mentioned above, mostly averted. A diverse metagame is outright encouraged by the suspect test process. They don't have much of a tolerance for Scrubs, though..

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