Funny: Sense and Sensibility

The book

  • Since Edward Ferrars has essentially become a Runaway FiancÚ, his mother simply plans for his intended, Miss Morton, to possibly marry his brother Robert instead. The CMoF comes from John Dashwood's incredulous reaction to Elinor wondering if Miss Morton gets a say in this.
  • Robert Ferrars and his toothpick case!
  • Who is taller — Harry Dashwood or William Middleton? The world must know!
    • Lucy Steele can hardly make up her mind on this capital point.
    • Her sister has chosen: they are both taller.
    • Meanwhile, we can infer without too much risk that Marianne Dashwood really doesn't care.

The 1995 film

  • Thompson's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, which she also won for Best Adapted Screenplay; rather than give a real speech, she reads to the audience what she imagines Jane Austen might have written in her diary about attending the award ceremony. The speech is viewable on the DVD.
  • Marianne takes to playing mournful songs after Mr. Dashwood's passing. Elinor asks her to play something else for their mother's sake—so Marianne switches to a different but equally melancholy tune.
  • When Elinor fails to coax Margaret out of hiding, Edward comes in and - guessing that Margaret is an avid reader - starts asking for maps to confirm wildly inaccurate "facts", each inaccuracy funnier than the last. It works in getting Margaret out of hiding to berate them.
  • When Willoughby disappears, Marianne throws a fit that Elinor tries to calm with a cup of tea. The scene quickly dissolves into three of the Dashwood women - Marianne (upset over her boyfriend's disappearance), the mother (upset that her daughters can't find happiness), and Margaret (upset that Edward's not coming to court Elinor) - storming off to separate parts of the house to slam doors and cry. Elinor calmly sits down on the stairwell and sips the tea.
  • Fanny's reaction to finding out who Lucy wants to marry. Most satisfying.
  • Edward's interactions with Margaret, which endears him to Elinor:
    Edward: She is heading an expedition to China shortly. I am to go as her servant but only on the understanding that I will be very badly treated.
    Elinor: What will your duties be?
    Edward: Sword-fighting, administering rum and swabbing.
    Edward: What is swabbing, anyway...?
    • When he is first teaching Margaret how to sword-fight, he catches a glimpse of Elinor watching them from a window. Margaret takes advantage of his Distracted by the Sexy moment and "stabs" him in the gut, knocking him over.
  • Mr Palmer holding his howling baby son with a rather resigned look on his face while his wife fusses over the kid, and Brandon watching dubiously.
  • Honestly, any of the Palmer interactions— Hugh Laurie and Imelda Staunton play off each other perfectly.
  • The Dashwoods' Leave the Two Lovebirds Alone moment, when Mrs Dashwood, Marianne, and Margaret practically race from the room as soon as it becomes clear that Edward has broken off his engagement to Lucy (who married his brother instead) and is about to propose to Elinor, who has burst into tears.
  • Marianne is going on about how Col. Brandon is "old" and "infirm."
    Mrs. Dashwood: If Colonel Brandon is infirm, then I am at death's door.
    Elinor: It's a miracle your life has extended thus far.