Referenced By / Sense and Sensibility


  • The Collector: Captured Miranda re-reads Sense and Sensibility and reflects on the characters. She says Marianne is who she is and Elinor is somebody who she's supposed to be.

Live Action TV

  • Geraldine references the 1995 film in the final episodes of The Vicar of Dibley and re-enacts the way Elinor (as played by Emma Thompson) reacted to Edward Ferrars saying he was not married.
  • At the beginning of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, Lister reads aloud Sense and Sensibility near a place commemorating his lost love Christine Kochanski. He sighs and says he knows this is a book written by her favourite writer, and he really hopes this one will have some actions scenes and similar guy stuff.

Web Original

  • "Jane Austen is My Home Girl (Downton Abbey Rap)" by Pretty Darn Funny mentions Willoughby and also the rapping guy (one of the very few among most women) claims that he has both SENSE AND SENSIBILITY.