Funny: Rhythm Heaven

Throughtout the series
  • Several games that require a routine in a group will have your team members look at your character with concern, annoyance, or disappointment when you mess up the rhythm. Here are 2 examples from Glee Club in Heaven and Tap Troupe in Fever.
    • Despite messing up the routine, your character tends to be completely oblivious to the glares that he/she is getting. He/She will usually keep the same happy expression.

Rhythm Tengoku
  • About halfway through "Air Batter", the camera starts zooming in and out, and the batter will end up wearing various silly masks on his head.
  • There's something hilarious about the goofy noises the ghosts in "Shiro Obake"/"Sneaky Spirits" make, both the "oink-oink" sounds they make when sneaking and the needlessly dramatic moans they make when successfully shot.
  • Falling into a pit in "Night Walk" results in instant stage failure. It also results in the game flatly stating the obvious to you on the result screen:
    You fell in a hole.
    • The same feat can be repeated in the "Night Walk" Mini-Game Credits in Fever. When it happens, Miss Ribbon and Cam look down at where you fell in surprise.
  • In "Quiz", if you mash the buttons more than 99 times, your counter explodes, followed by the host's, followed by the "QUIZ" sign.
  • When you play Rap Men, you'd expect a serious rap... but instead you get a silly rap about snacks. Note 

Rhythm Heaven/Rhythm Tengoku Gold
  • The bonus material for "Freeze Frame" reveals that the woman who passes by at one point is the photographer's girlfriend, who was feeling ignored and deliberately photo-bombed him in order to get his attention.
  • In "Lockstep", missing a cue results in the other Stepswitchers slapping you. This produces the amusing sounds of *boinkWHAK boinkWHAK*
  • Getting a perfect on "Love Lab" lets the player read the girl scientist's diary. As it turns out, the guy on the right hand of the screen arranged the experiment so she could talk with her crush. She appreciates it, but she still doesn't know why he's dressed like a squirrel.

Rhythm Heaven Fever/Minna de Rhythm Tengoku
  • Air Rally has the beat change that comes from the cat screaming "Bom bom bom BOM", with the voice having the potential to be MORE distracting than the visuals, depending on how funny you find it.
  • "Donk-Donk". It's so completely bizarre that the American version of the game doesn't even try to describe what's going on.
    • In the character parade following the credits, the "characters" from the game are subtitled as "Uh... these guys?" Yeah, it's that kind of thing.
  • Watching barnyard animals catching the kicked footballs in "Double Date 2".
  • During Remix 7, the action briefly switches back to Karate Man... who doesn't actually do anything, he just lays there watching TV for a bit before the remix switches to another game. Even funnier is that he's apparently watching the Karate Man game from Tengoku.
  • Ringside. There's something amusing about the wrestler simply replying "yes" to every single question.
  • In Samurai Slice 2 during the obscuring story thing, if you miss the timing, the man's words change to "Buy me a new bunny!" instead of saying "Save my bunny!" Additionally, multiple mistakes completely wreck the illustrations in both versions of the game.
  • The objective of Packing Pests is to catch candy and swat away spiders. Naturally, some bored players take to doing the exact opposite. One comment puts it nicely:
    "You even slapped away your pay? You must REALLY love spiders."
  • "See-Saw". See and Saw's job is to test see-saws to make sure they work properly. Apparently, testing them consists of repeatedly jumping up into the sky and back down at explosive speeds to hard rock music. Then they explode at the end, presumably due to awesomeness overload.
  • The Police Call code SEESAW, consisting of See and Saw jumping up and down on a seesaw at an accelerating tempo until they explode.
  • Blink and you'll miss it: Remix 4 recasts the Wrestler from Ringside as a samurai, complete with a sword in its sheath at his back. One of his poses reveals that the sheath is taped to his back.
  • Towards the end of Flock Step, the camera zooms out to show the whole planet, then zooms out further to reveal that the entire universe is a Recursive Reality inside the player's bird's eye.
  • Press too early or too late in Love Rap and your rapper raps high-pitched or low-pitched.
  • Pressing the wrong button in Ringside results in the reporter ducking for cover... but don't let that stop you from getting a superb.
  • The finale of Remix 10. It's a Fake-Out Fade-Out. That happens twice.
  • Built To Scale 2's description obsessing on getting the work done faster, then the music comically slowing down to a crawl about two-thirds in.

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