WMG: Rhythm Heaven

Baxter and Forthington (Both from Air Rally) must've been friends with Dora and Boots.
Well, you'll never thought of these designs reminded you of the ones from Dora The Explorer.

The minigames from Heaven will come to the 3DS sequel.
Think of it, the games from Tengoku appeared in Fever. So let's hope for it.
  • Confirmed! Minigames from Heaven along with those from Tengoku and Fever will be in the 3DS version, The Best+; around 70 from all three games, to be exact.

The localized name of The Best+ will be Best of Rhythm Heaven

The Night Walk game in Tengoku is the stairway to heaven.
The white stickfigure you control is the guy climbing the staircase. If he makes it through everything, he goes to heaven, but if he doesn't, he falls off and lands in hell.

All of the Remixes are set in Rhythm Heaven (the place).
The Remixes are parties, and you need to demonstrate good rhythm to get an invitation. (And naturally, you're expecting to show up dressed for the party's theme.)

Ann Glerr is non-binary.
Feminine-sounding name aside, Ann Glerr has an androgynous appearance, and is never referred to with any direct pronouns. In fact, the reading material specifically uses the title "Master Fisherperson" rather than gendered terms like "Fisherman" or "Fisherwoman". Adding all of this up, it's possible Ann is neither female nor male.

What the new mini-games' titles will be changed to?
Speculate what those new mini-game will be translated into here!
  • Sumo Brothers: Sumo Opera
  • Heartbroken Bear: Binge-eating Bear
  • Pajamas: Pillow Party
  • Karate Man's Father: Karate Dad

The girl in Pajamas is the daughter of the two partners at Love Lab.
Think about it. The vocals are the similar to that minigame. Brown hair like the boy, and it's short, similar to the girl.