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WMG page for the Visual Novel Rewrite. Beware of spoilers.

All other Key settings exist in worlds born within the branching possibilities Kagari created
and are therefore doomed

What suggests this? The magic used in Rewrite is distinctive, however on the Moon we learn that some worlds give rise to different types of magic, even if the omnipotent power still recycles paradigms where it can. Therefore the ever so slightly different Key magic from other Key works likely comes from different worlds, and since there is only one specific world where humans and Earth survive and that world uses Rewrite magic, all the versions of Earth we have seen using different magic are doomed.

It's the ultimate Key downer.

Are Sakuya and Kotarou part of a long line of rewriters? Is the ability's reappearance simply part of the onimpotent power's recycling of patters or is it something more?