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Fridge: Rhythm Heaven
Fridge Brilliance
  • Several Rhythm Heaven characters make appearances in Game & Wario, from the Chorus Kids being backup singers for Sal Out, to the Wrestler and Interviewer Girl appearing on the sidewalk in the Pirate minigame's opening. Additionally, the male character in Fever's Kung Fu Ball very heavily resembles Young Cricket from the WarioWare series, the only difference being the hair color (which is grey as opposed to Young Cricket's black and white, but what does black and white make?). This opens up the possibility that the Rhythm Heaven series is set in the same universe as the Mario series. ...Which also means that the cast of Rhythm Heaven (along with the other Mario-related series such as Donkey Kong Country and WarioWare) was also affected by the events of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario climaxes.

Fridge Horror
  • The overseas versions have English versions of the tracks. The soundtracks to Heaven and Fever, which includes the long versions of the vocal tracks, are Japan-only. We are never getting the long versions of the English-language tracks.

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