Heartwarming / Rhythm Heaven

  • The song lyrics tend to be on this side of the scale when they're not complete Tear Jerkers, particularly "That's Paradise" from Heaven and "Tonight" from Fever.
    • After the Tear Jerker that is Remix 8 of Fever, Remix 9's song, "Beautiful One Day", is significantly more uplifting.
      Someday you'll find yourself and realize that you're beautiful
      (So that when) love takes you down again
      (And it breaks) your heart into pieces
      Then just let the teardrops fall like gentle rain
      That's when you'll find yourself and realize that you're beautiful
      (And you might) just start to heal then
      (And you might) find your heart whole again
      And you will find what you're looking for after all!
  • Most of the Reading Material from Fever is either this or humorous. Highlights on the heartwarming side include:
    • "Partners" - See and Saw of See-Saw reminisce about how long they've been working together together (10 years!), apologize for their own mishaps and worry about each other's.
    • "My Feelings" - The protagonist of Double Date talks about learning to play guitar to impress his crush. He even wrote a song for her and has had trouble gathering the courage to play it for her... until the first soccer ball shows up and he kicks it.
    • "Picky Eaters' Song" - The Wandering Samurai of Samurai Slice remembers his mother.
    • "Expedition Journal" - The seal's trust in his captain despite the apparent nonsense of his orders is just touching.
    • "Final Words" - Some encouraging words involving a metaphor about fighting an evil wrestler army. Equal parts "Awww..." and "...what?"
  • Blue Bear in Megamix has an uncharacteristically serious and depressing premise about a sad bear named Bearbert binge-eating. The scenes that fade in the background show the reasons why: he and his girl Bearbara had a tragic break-up. So then what's this entry doing on this page and not Tear Jerker, then? That becomes apparent at the very end, which reveals that it was All Just a Dream, and he's still together with his girlfriend.
  • The Superb quote for the Final Remix in Megamix has this with a bit of Leaning on the Fourth Wall: "We're so proud of everything you've accomplished!"