Awesome Music / Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm games live and die by their music. And Rhythm Heaven's music is very good.

Rhythm Tengoku

Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  • Fan Club's sequel features a brand-new remix of "Thrilling! Is This Love?" that's incredibly cheery.
  • Because of the sheer amount of minigames, this game features three Final Exam Boss remixes instead of just one, named the Left, Right, and Mama Remixes. Mama Remix stands out for switching to a medley of the four games' respective themes halfway through.
  • Cat Clap is a delightfully jazzy saxophone and piano tune.
  • Sumology mixes the traditional Japanese style with techno.
  • Heartbroken Bear is a melancholy song that hits all of the right marks.
  • On the other hand, Pajama Dance is a heartwarming song in a similar vein to Love Lab from Heaven.
  • "I'm a Lady Now", the bee-themed Remix with a Surprisingly Good English vocal song.
  • Chameleon Stick is a slow-paced techno song that is hard not to dance to.
  • Karate Man's Father is an intense rock song befitting of both the culmination of all the Karate Man levels as well as the final non-Remix level.
  • This time, Samurai Slice decided to try out an 8-bit game style. It has a fitting rock theme.
  • This live version of "Tokimeki no Story", the song from the Forest Remix. Not only did it extend the track, but it also made it sound more awesome.
  • Waltz-a-Tron features a romantic track that works well for a tango minigame.