Awesome Music / Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm games live and die by their music. And Rhythm Heaven's music is very good.

Rhythm Tengoku

Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  • Fan Club's sequel features a brand-new remix of "Thrilling! Is This Love?" that's incredibly cheery.
  • Because of the sheer amount of minigames, this game features three Final-Exam Boss remixes instead of just one, named the Left-Hand, Right-Hand, and Final Remixes. Final Remix stands out for switching to a medley of the four games' respective themes halfway through.
  • "Kitties!" is a delightfully jazzy saxophone and piano tune. Of course, some people can't hear it without the sound effects.
  • Sumo Brothers mixes the traditional Japanese style with techno.
  • Blue Bear is a melancholy song that hits all of the right marks.
  • On the other hand, Pajama Party is a heartwarming song in a similar vein to Love Lab from Heaven.
  • "I'm a Lady Now", the bee-themed Remix with a Surprisingly Good English vocal song.
  • Tongue Lashing is a slow-paced techno song that is hard not to dance to.
  • Karate Man Senior is an intense rock song befitting of both the culmination of all the Karate Man levels as well as the final non-Remix level.
  • This time, Super Samurai Slice decided to try out an 8-bit game style. It has a fitting rock theme.
  • This live version of "Tokimeki no Story", the song from the Lush Remix. Not only did it extend the track, but it also made it sound more awesome.
  • Tangotronic 3000 features a romantic track that works well for a tango minigame.