Funny / Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

  • Kururu's musical snarking at Cornet in "Someday," which is the opening song!
  • Coronet and Kururu are about to fight a dragon, which will kill them both very easily.
    Cornet: Real courage is facing adversity even when you know you can't win!
    Kururu: That's not courage, Cornet, that's more like suicide! You do know that when you die...the game is over, right? You'll have to watch this scene all over again!
  • Marjoly has a habit of knocking herself out with her own spells.
  • Marjoly breaks into a Villain Song and says that she won't rest until the prince is hers. Her three flunkies in unison all say "Don't you know you're old enough to be his mother?"
    • Her reaction is to break character and yell at them (in stilted Shatnerian style no less!):
    Hey! You! Shut! Up!