Funny: Punch-Out!!

  • Two Words: Disco Kid
    • There's just something about that cheesy smile taunt he does during Title Defense that's just hilarious.
    • Disco Kid's pre-fight intro in contender mode.
    • Knocking him out causes him to spin around the ring, bouncing off the corners and lighting them up. It's hard not to laugh at just the absurdity of it.
    • His between rounds animations in Title Defense mode. "Weeeeeee! I am Fab-u-lous!"
    • Doc makes fun of Disco Kid's absurdity in Title Defense mode:
    Doc: Hey Mac Baby... I didn't wanna spoil the surprise, but... I bought you a matching leotard for your birthday! Ha ha ha!
  • In the Wii remake, King Hippo, when you select him, doesn't speak. He just roars at you, Godzilla style.
  • During intermissions while you're fighting Great Tiger, he may change places with Doc Louis. Doc's reactions are priceless.
    • In Title Defense, shortly before the next round starts, Great Tiger's clones are having a conversation all by themselves, before being summoned back into the original Great Tiger.
  • In the Wii version, you get to knock the croissants outta Glass Joe. Now say that out loud with the worst French accent you can.
  • "After this fight is over, I'm gonna go for a ride on your bike..."
  • Super Macho Man's Title Defense intro. He tries to move into the spotlight, which keeps moving away from him. "Why don't you love me?!"
  • Go ahead, knock the chocolate out of Doc Louis' hands...
    (tears off his shirt, creeping out Little Mac)
    • There's even a disclaimer when you do this.
      WVBA Message: Removal of Doc Louis's chocolate bar may be hazardous to your health. The WVBA is not responsible for any frustration from this point onward.
  • In the NES game, the only attempt at humor any of the characters make that actually is funny is when Bald Bull says, "My barber didn't know when to quit; do you?"
    • From the same game there's also Soda Popinski's "I drink to prepare for a fight. Tonight I am very prepared!"
    • Super Macho Man doing a Pec Flex in time to Ride of the Valkyries.
  • At one point between rounds on the Wii game, instead of his usual advice, Doc tells Mac to remind him to pick up some milk after the fight. It just comes outta nowhere, making it hard not to at least chuckle at it.
    • "Join the Nintendo Fun— I mean, Club Nintendo today, Mac!"
    • The original Nintendo Fun Club line was pretty funny and out of nowhere as well.
    • "What's your favorite flower son? Mine's chocolate!"
    • More of Doc's great advice: "There are many ways to eat a chocolate, but there is only one way to eat a chocolate bar!"
  • Decking Narcis Prince in the face can be quite amusing.
  • Super Macho Man tends to get a lot of funny moments, but the best is how even though he constantly plays to the crowd, they always boo him. Goes Up to Eleven when he wins in Title Defense
    Super Macho Man: *With the crowd still booing him* Oh, now you love me. Now you love Macho Man. Well, it's too late...Maybe not!
  • Some of the pre-fight cutscenes are worth a good chuckle. Title Defense Bald Bull will punch himself out for a few seconds, only to pause briefly as if considering what he's doing, then decide punch himself once more before getting up for the real fight.
  • Don Flamenco's ridiculously over-the-top defeat animation in the Wii version. He holds up a rose similar to old cartoon characters when they pretended to "die."
    • Also from the Wii version: Don's anger when you knock off his toupee. The fact that the match had to momentarily stop just so he could react to it is also hilarious.
  • Mr. Sandman's Title Defense victory cutscene, which has the referee trying to raise his arm in victory, but can't even budge it, and Sandman then lifts his arm into the air with the referee still holding onto it.
  • Aran Ryan is a walking funny moment in the Wii version. Special mention should go to his fight loading screen, in which he runs around like a lunatic and yells in Mac's ear...without Mac even flinching.
  • Bear Hugger in the Wii version bringing in a squirrel to help him box. Every time Bear Hugger gets knocked down, the squirrel comes out and jumps on his stomach to try to get him to wake up.
  • Doc can't help but fool around when Mac's fighting Donkey Kong.
    ''Doc: Listen up, son. If you're having trouble... maybe I should call my plumber! Ha ha ha!"
    '''Doc: Ok Mac, here's the deal... You go and distract this gorilla! Then I'll go and steal his bananas and make myself a chocolate sundae! Ha ha ha!
  • This English commercial for Punch-Out!! Wii.