Awesome / Punch-Out!!

  • Mr. Sandman gets two on the Wii.
    • First, when you fight him for the first time, you see a 5-or-so-second montage of his fist meeting every other boxers' faces. Then, if you have the presence of mind to look, you'll notice he has zero losses on record.
    • When he comes back for a rematch in Title Defence Mode, he gets a new montage. He punches the walls of a brick building, and then the whole building collapses. He punched out a building. Dude is scary.
    • The fact that he was the former champ at all is a moment of awesome. Think about all the other boxers in the world circuit or hell, the entire game. All those boxers got where they are by either cheating, or using a gimmick to win for example, Soda Popinski drinking soda to keep his stamina up or Aran Ryan using underhanded tactics to get a punch in. How did Mr. Sandman get all the way to the top then? By just being a good boxer with powerful punches.
  • Mr. Sandman's final rush in Title Defense Mode on the Wii. Basically if he's one KO away from losing the match, Mr. Sandman will start attacking with a flurry of uppercuts. If the player survives the onslaught Mr. Sandman will completely drop his guard out of exhaustion. This enables you to combo him as much as you want, and get stars for doing so. Finish up the combo with a 3-Star Punch and you win. Awesomely.
  • There's another one for the fight against Mr. Sandman, but for Little Mac instead. When your first fight with him starts, it shows him entering the stadium, so large that the ground is shaking with every step he takes. When Doc sees him, he lets out a small groan of fear, followed by another more questionable one at Little Mac as if to say, "Are you sure about this?". Little Mac's response?... He furrows his eyebrows at him, pats his fists together, and then calmly stands up to start the fight. Considering the fact that he's doing this against a man who is twice as tall as him, over a hundred pounds heavier than him, and is notorious for knocking all of his opponents out in one punch, this only further proves how brave and determined Little Mac really is.
  • In Title Defense, Mr. Sandman's re-introduction consists of him taking a gander at Little Mac and immediately goes into a roaring rage. You know you're one of the best boxers in the association when you turn a previously-undefeated boxer roughly twice your size into a raging Sore Loser.
  • Doc Louis gets one with five words.
    "I invented the Star Punch!"
  • The voice acting in the Wii iteration, and the fact that every boxer speaks their native language.
  • The Comeback Mechanic were Little Mac supposedly gets KO'd, but manages to keep standing with his last ounce of strength. It's even more awesome if you manage to win. And it's one of the Challenges for TD Mr. Sandman, as well.
  • Beating Mike Tyson! If you've defeated Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream in the NES version, you might as well consider yourself a true champion.
  • When Doc asks Mac if he's sure he wants to do The Last Stand, Mac's response is a simple punch at him (he misses a few inches though, but he proved his point). Also worth noting Doc didn't flinch in the slightest, but calmly responded with "OK Son..."
  • Countering Aran Ryan's illegal attacks with a Star Punch for a One-Hit KO.
  • In a way, Glass Joe having a 1-99 record. Sure, he's a nervous wreck who practically serves as training for aspiring other boxers, but not only has he accepted 100 matches, he goes through the fight to the very end, subverting the Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys stereotype.
  • Losing to Glass Joe in Title Defense (which is surprisingly easy to do) theoretically means he becomes world champion. Read that again. It's very possible for Glass Joe to become World Champion.
  • In a sense, Mac retiring after three defeats in Mac's Last Stand is this. As the world champion, he chooses to retire from his career once it becomes clear he's losing his touch; to him, retiring while still being known as a champion is better than suffering a humiliating chain of defeats and being remembered as a has-been.
  • The fact that Games Repainted's Brian did this with an input-lagged controller.
  • Back on the NES version, there's a wonderful satisfaction at seeing Von Kaiser go flying back when he gets knocked down. Even Glass Joe would stumble a bit.