Heartwarming / Punch-Out!!

  • Seeing Doc proudly hoist Mac over his shoulder when he claims a title belt sparks a father and son image that's hard to mistake for anything else.
    • If you've just barely managed a victory, the meek little smile Mac gives the audience as he struggles to raise up his glove. Even with the pummeling he probably received during the match, he's still determined enough to keep his spirits up about the whole thing.
    Doc: "You got heart, kid! That's what it takes to be the champ."
  • If you lose to the Title Defense version of Bear Hugger, he will give his squirrel buddy an affectionate hug and nuzzle.
  • Another one caused by losing, believe it or not. Losing to the Darker and Edgier Title Defense version of Don Flamenco will cause him to swear this victory to his beloved Carmen. As he raises the black rose, it sparkles as it changes to a familiar red.
  • As well, you have to feel for Glass Joe's elation for actually winning a match for once in his Title Defense victory cutscene. It takes the sting out a little from the fact that you just lost to Glass Joe.
  • During the end credits for the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!, your defeated opponents each have one last thing to say, and it turns out that all but the most stubborn have come to respect you. Even Nick Bruiser manages to say more than three words to you.
  • A minor one, but sometimes in between rounds in Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!, Doc Louis will say:
    • This becomes even more of a heartwarming moment with the game coming back out for Club Nintendo's closing sale. Now, it can be interpreted as a final thank you from those at Club Nintendo.
  • Every 100 wins, Doc will give Mac a nice little piece of advice. This one is given completely sincerely, without a hint of humor.
    Doc: "Alright, Mac! Listen up! Great job, son, I'm proud of you. But I need you to understand, keep it in the ring. You don't want to be a bully outside the ring."
    • And once you lose Mac's Last Stand thrice, Doc gives this line in a sincere tone as well. He just sounds so proud, and yet a bit forlorn.
    Doc: Listen, son...you've had a great career. I'm proud of you, kid. You're still the champion in my book.
  • During 'Doc Louis' Punch Out!!!' Little Mac rushes to Doc Louis to help him up with a concerned expression every time you defeat him. Doc responds by telling Little Mac that he's proud of him.