Funny / Megas XLR

  • The very circumstances as to how the robot got to mid-2000s New Jersey in the first place - it landed in a junkyard in 1944 and sat under a pile of junk for 60 years - are bad enough, but Coop found it in the "$2.00" pile.
    Coop: (picking up a piece of scrap pipe) How much for this?
    Goat: Let's see here...two bucks.
    Coop: (brandishing a larger chunk of scrap metal) How about this?
    Goat: (annoyed) Two bucks.
    Coop: (holding a 55-gallon drum of nuclear waste) Hey, how about this?
    Goat: (annoyed, strained, and not looking) Two dollars.
    Coop: (a length of cables in one hand) How about—
    Goat: Two! Bucks! Anything in that pile: two bucks. I doubt that whole pile is worth more than two bucks...
    (An elated Coop pulls on the first piece of junk he finds, causing a junk avalanche and revealing the busted up MEGAS prototype)
    Coop: Whoa~ what's that?
    Goat: No idea.
    Coop: Two bucks, huh? I'll take it!
    • And the first time he flew over said junkyard after finding the robot, Goat looked up and screamed "Where's my two bucks?!" Coop never paid him the two bucks.
  • The entire confrontation with the REGIS MK-V, in which Coop counters the REGIS's Ominous Latin Chanting and robotic hamminess with one-shots out of annoyance and biting sarcasm.
    REGIS MK-V: The invincible REGIS MK-V mocks your futile attempts at destruction.
    Coop: Mock *slams a button on his controls* this!
    * MEGAS throws a Hadouken, blasting a hole through the middle of it.*
    • REGIS faces off against the first foe who dares oppose him... a fire hydrant.
      REGIS MK-V: Stand aside or you will be struck down. [beat] Die then. [uses Eye Beams to slice off the top] You are no match for the superior tactical abilities of the REGIS MK-V!
      * children flock to the spouting water*
    • The absolute best moment has be during the REGIS MK-V episode. After being told by Kiva to try something different, which he does we get the following:
    Kiva: Just to reiterate, smashing bad.
    Jamie: You know, normally I'm pro-smashing, and I hate to agree with future girl, but maybe smashing's not the way to go this time.
    Coop: We tried no smashing, and that didn't work. I'm sticking to my strengths, and smashing... is my strengths! I just need to find the right way to smash him.
    Coop (looks at console, which has numerous buttons for various types of direct physical attacks, then fires the laser gating at REGIS, which gets riddled with holes and falls apart): "See? That wasn't smashing!"
    • How seriously the show takes REGIS as well. Sure he becomes a huge threat later, but at first he's just a small robot and no one even notices him when he's firing off mini lasers.
    • Kiva not being so above it all in the third episode.
    Kiva: Now if you excuse me, I have a destructive alien robot to examine.
    Coop: You want us to pick up you something (from the store)?
    Kiva: Yeah, a new time flux unit so I can get out of this neanderthal nightmare and go back to saving humanity's future.
    Coop: *awkwardly* Uh, I don't think they got that. Beat You want some beef jerk instead?
    Kiva: *Glances back* Beat *smiles* Sure!
    • What's especially hilarious is that the only reaction to the above is a bunch of kids running over to play in the water, oblivious to the killer robot.
      • Now imagine all of that being said in the voice of Worf.
  • One episode opens with Coop, Jamie, and Kiva watching a Battlebots ripoff in MEGAS' cockpit. Not one of them is impressed.
    Announcer: This may be the most brutal displays of power ever!
    Coop: 'Brutal display of power'?
    *Coop, Jamie, and Kiva laugh as the camera pans out to reveal a Glorft mech in a headlock being punched in the head by MEGAS repeatedly.*
  • Coop's controls in MEGAS get their share, too, with the "Missiles" - "More Missiles" - "All The Missiles" combo, the "You heard him, folks - Super Destructor Mode" button, and one conveniently labeled "Five Minutes Left in the Show". But few have as much humor as this:
    Coop: Well, maybe you'll like this better, then!
    * Coop hits a button labeled This Better Then.*
  • Also, Coop hates the DMV. We mean, REALLY hates it.
  • And finally, the second episode, which features Bruce Freakin' Campbell as the villain, has one of the best lines ever:
    Magnanimous: Now either you throw the fight or the redhead and the little girl get a taste of the (ominous voice) quantum singularity!
    [DUN DUN DUN!]
    [Sudden flashback to Coop not paying attention at school]
    Teacher: Mr. Cooplowski! Pay attention! One day you'll need to know what a quantum singularity is, and then you'll be sorry!
    Young Coop: Yeah, right.
    [Back to the present]
    Coop: Is that bad?
    Magnanimous: The quantum singularity? It's like a black hole but portable and with a cooler name.
    Coop: Yeah, I guess that's... bad.
    • The high point of that episode is the very end, when Coop defeats Magmanimous with a weapons grade karaoke machine. It is so destructive that Coop has more security measures to activate it than his nukes.
  • It's got to be Coop emulating the Power Rangers Science Ninja Team Gatchaman S-force's Combining Mecha ability... by shoving Megas's arms and legs up the rear ends of their mecha as they sob from the violation. Then having it work.
  • Magnanimous's introduction. 'Nuff said.
    Jamie: Eyuuh, guys, what do you call a big head with tiny arms and legs?
    Magnanimous: Nanimous. Mag-nanimous. But you probably knew that already.
    Cut to Power Trio, Beat
    Magnanimous: I'm kinda famous. Allow me to explain. I own and run the GCCF.
    Cut to Power Trio for another Beat
    Magnanimous: The Galactic Combat Championship Federation?
    Jamie: His... body... is... a head... with tiny arms and legs.
    Magnanimous: Earthers. Thicker than the Trabasian Nebula. Anyway, earth was ineligible for competition.
    Coop: Just...tiny little legs.
  • Megas is being blindly remote controlled by Jamie, so Megas is causing mass destruction and basically walking around mindlessly. The Glorft commander is looking at this with a face of abject confusion. Then a little old lady in a car pulls up to an intersection as the light turns red. Megas takes a hit and plows across the intersection, leaving a massive trench in the street. The light turns green, and the little old lady drives right over the edge, complete with requisite scream.

  • From the episode "The Fat and the Furious", after finally cornering Coop after trying to acquire the McGuffin from a game of "Catch" on automobiles: Gorrath: I must admit that your strategies are strange and cunning... but mostly strange.

  • An SUV cuts off Coop, who's piloting MEGAS on the freeway. Coop responds by picking up the SUV and sticking it on the roof of a skyscraper.
  • One of Coop's few displays of actual logic:
    Jamie: So, what about this "planet killer" guy?
    Coop: What are you worried about, then? You're not a planet!
  • Jamie and Kiva losing control of Megas and on a collision course with a Glorft carrier. One Glorft pilot looks at the other one and goes "I've always hated you." just before the whole thing explodes.
  • The whole character of T-Bot. He is the most daringest, uncaringest, belt-wearingest bot in da' universe! He will trounce you, flounce you, and utterly denounce you! Until Coop punches him out, asking "What ya got to rhyme with that, sucka?!"
    • Particularly funny when he rhymes himself into a corner and has to try to figure out more rhymes.
  • If the idea of shipping Jamie and Kiva wasn't bizarre enough (especially for Coop), "Terminate Her" raises the possibility that he could have gotten together with Kiva's ancestor.
    [The two are Caught on the Jumbotron as "Caught In Love".]
    Tiny: Yo, man, that Jamie?
    Goat: Nah, that guy's with a girl.
    • Even funnier if you realize its a direct reference to a joke in the creators previous series, Downtown, with Alex and Serena in place of Jamie and Kiva.
  • In the Vegas episode, this exchange occurs whilst Goat and Georgie are at a video game contest, wondering when Coop is going to arrive:
    PA: AAAH!! There's a giant robot rampaging through the city!
    Goat: There he is!
  • Coop sinking to desperate measures to get his Mega Slush:
    Jamie: We could try Hoboken...
    Coop: Yeah...but that's Hoboken!
  • Most all of Coop's reasons for why he's defeating the enemy, especially when someone points out why they're not accurate, or worse; his fault.
  • Manual mode, where Coop controls it using Power Glove-like things and a DDR pad. Obviously such a mode would be useful, right? Except for the fact Coop is so out of shape he can't even use it for a minute without getting exhausted.
  • Jamie's total fear at Coop's largest enemy—a living planet that eats everything. He's not impressed with Coop's bravado.
    Coop: So what, I've smashed bigger things before!
  • How Jamie's reputation as a lovable coward was cemented in the pilot episode. Coop has just finished showing off MEGAS to him for the first time, Jamie eagerly hops into the passenger's seat, only to have Kiva suddenly warp in with three heavily-armed robots, guns trained on the cockpit.
    Jamie: -throwing up arms- I'm not with him!
  • This little gem from episode 1 as Coop, Kiva and Jamie face down a whole army of glorft with only a damaged robot to assist them.
    Jamie: These odds seem kind of unfair.
    Coop: You're right, it is unfair.
    * Smashes the robot on HIS side*
    Coop: There, now it's fair.
  • RECR. The most patriotic robot ever that runs on a massive 56kb processor!
    RECR: "The enemy?" (Tapes rewind. Patriotic music plays.) "Everything is the enemy!"
    RECR: "But I must destroy and protect!"
    RECR: "All enemies must be destroyed because all enemies are my enemies!"
    Jamie: "Coop, this thing is more messed up then you are!"
    Coop: "Heh. Yeah."
  • Coop leads the Glorft on a massive chase through their mothership with just his car, destroying dozens of mechs. When they're finally cornered, he summons Megas to him, because where was the fun in just doing it from the start?
  • Ender gave us this:
    Ender: "Now I am free to conquer and destroy! Or destroy and conquer! Or just destroy!"
    • There's also Coop's reaction to being accused of being in league with Ender:
    Coop: "The only thing I'm "in league" with is the Jersey City bowling league, and we ain't a threat to the Universe!"
    Jamie: "Or even the other bowlers."
    (Kiva face palms)
    Coop: (dejected) "Although the shirts are nice."
  • MEGAS's Fog Horn in "Space Booty" could not have gone off at a better time!
  • From "Rearview Mirror, Mirror":
    Coop: We've still got 2 things, Megas and the element of surprise.
    (Megas springs a huge oil leak and warning sounds go off)
    Glorft Commander: At least we've still got the element of surprise.
  • From the Ultra-Chicks episode, Goat, of all people, rubbing Jamie's failures with women in his face.
    Goat: A real hero would have gotten some digits. (holds up paper with one of the Ultra-Chicks number)
  • Coop goes into one of his speeches before he goes into battle. The problem is he does it to the Glorft Commander as they are working together.
    Coop: Sorry, force of habit.
  • Grrkek brags that he has the strength to destroy a thousand planets, and rhetorically asks Coop where he's going to start.
    MEGAS gets punted
  • Grrkek's Fate Worse Than Death. "I lerp you."
    Grrkek (after discovering that the Lerps just keep coming): "I demand you return me to my inter-dimensional prison!"