Heartwarming / Megas XLR

  • Alternate-reality Jamie from "Rearview Mirror-Mirror" imprisoned, insulted, and nearly killed Coop — but when he's in danger, Coop immediately shifts into "Save Jamie" gear and goes back for him.
  • In the first season finale, after the two have been captured by the Glorft while attempting to save Coop, Jamie lays into Kiva about how he doesn't belong on these adventures and only comes along because Coop's his Only Friend... and Kiva's plan to save the future will separate the two for good. Kiva's response is to calmly break them out. Once reunited with Coop, Kiva explains to him how Jamie helped in the rescue attempt, and Jamie admits that Kiva did most of the work. Then they fistbump. Coop is utterly weirded out.
  • In "The Fat and the Furious", as a result of a broken key component, Coop is unable to use Megas immediately against the imminent Glorft attack. Fortunately Goat, Tiny and everyone else at the car show is willing to back him up. They're not always effective ("We're okay!"), but there's something charming about their successful attempt to stall the Glorft via car football, especially the expressions on their faces.
  • Near the end of "Space Booty" Kiva simultaneously explains to Coop and Jaime that Warlock had tried to have them both killed while her back was turned, and tried to get her to leave the team. At this point all three give the space pirate a Death Glare as Kiva encourages Coop to beat Warlock and his men up, Coop is more than happy to oblige.
    Coop: Listen you—
    Kiva: (interjects) —arrogant overblown thief. You tried to break up our team, you almost killed Coop and Jamie, and you made me listen to your endless, cheesy pick-up lines!
    Coop: Nice!
  • Coop and the S-Force's Odd Friendship: weird yet surprisingly adorable.
  • Throughout all of "DMV: Department of Megas Violations," Coop assumes that Darklos, the evil alien bounty hunter who's attacking Jersey City, is after him. It turns out that Darklos is actually trying to capture Kiva and extract her memories of the future for a bounty. After the gang defeats Darklos, Coop is depressed that she wasn't interested in him... so Kiva lies and tells him that the bounty hunter did want to capture him, as she'd heard about his incredible skills as a hero. Coop is genuinely thrilled, and it's one of the earliest times we see Kiva treat Coop with kindness.
    • The general friendliness that Darklos' kaiju mount displays once freed from her control is worth mentioning. The credits even reveal that Coop and the gang took him up on his offer to stop by!