Awesome / Megas XLR

  • The entire last episode. It brings new meaning to the Grand Finale.
    Evil Coop: You know you don't have a chance.
  • The closing words spoken in the Season One finale, Driver's Seat:
    Kiva: (absolutely stunned) "Coop. You just destroyed the Glorft!"
    Coop: "So? What'd you think was gonna happen?"
  • Coop driving out of the Glorft ship, and teleporting his drink into their ship, causing a chain reaction that sucks the entire thing into another dimension.
  • Magnanimous: What other show could pull off a Shout-Out to MODOK, Bruce Campbell, and Elvis Presley in a SINGLE character!
  • At the end of "Space Booty", Coop prepares to go into his rant of the episode against Captain H... Warlock. Instead Kiva, who Warlock has been courting for the entire episode, cuts him off and delivers the rant herself.
    Coop: Alright you—
    Kiva: —arrogant, overblown thief! You tried to break up our team, you almost killed Coop and Jamie AND you made me listen to your endless, cheesy PICKUP LINES!
    Jamie: Nice!
    Captain Warlock: Cheesey!?
    Kiva: Get 'em Coop.
  • Before that, when Warlock has reneged on his deal to spare the boys if Kiva stays with him in space.
    *Megas falls into orbit of hungry dragon planet*
    Warlock: Oh, come now. They might even survive the impact. Of course, they'll be in no shape to survive the Glorgnak if they do.
    Kiva: You're so predictable. *punch* Oh, and about our deal? I lied too.
  • Coop's car has a V-10 engine.
    • After being cornered by the Glorft, Jamie offhandedly says "Maybe you should have put in 12 cylinders.". As a Call-Back, in the first episode of Season 2, one of upgrades Coop installed are an extra pair of cylinders, granted they were for the car and not the mech.
  • Super Destructor Mode.
  • Atomic Disruptor Cannon is so awesomely powerful that the computer was surprised that it existed.
  • RECR may have an obsolete processor, but it certainly gave MEGAS and Coop a harder time than most other villains. It can't be fought through close range combat, which is really were Coop excels.
  • Coop's means of saving the ice planet? Throw the beacon to their Planet Killer Laser so that it causes the badguys to blow up their own planet!
  • Anything regarding the R.E.G.I.S Mk 5.
  • The final battle in the final episode with Coop and the Glorft taking on Evil Coop's entire army. You know it's gonna rock when it starts with both armies charging head on against each other while the instrumental of the theme song is BLARING throughout it all!
    • Warmaster Gorrath taking on (and briefly fighting on par) with Evil Kiva. Gorrath then giving a Badass Boast.
    Evil Kiva: Why are you helping this pale imitation? I thought you'd be happy to see Earth enslaved.
    • Eventually, Evil Coop gets in a lucky hit on MEGAS and lays Coop out. Coop's surrounded by Evil Coop's remaining army, and MEGAS is making the sick engine noise of death. MEGAS gets right back up, and Coop proceeds to annihilate the rest of Evil Coop's army by himself.
    Coop: THAT ALL YA GOT?!
  • The very first episode had Coop and one of Kiva's mooks facing down an entire army. Coops reaction:
    Kiva: These odds are completely insane!
    Coop: You're right; it is unfair. *smashes his only ally* Now it's fair.
  • Coop just opened a matter/anti-matter rift which will destroy the universe. He comes to the conclusion that if it's going to eat the universe than he has to make it outpace itself to stop it (as he knows that pacing is the way to eat a lot and not get sick). To remove the threat, he creates a second rift and they eat each other and destroy themselves. S-Force is impressed, especially since he destroyed their nemesis.
  • In "S-Force SOS", Coop saves the S-Force from being cast into the Infinity Zone (Where one would be crushed by dimensional forces for a thousand years), and then his usual showboating makes him fall into the one-way portal anyways. How does he get out of this inescapable dimensional anomaly? He punches his way out!
    Zarek: Impossible! No one can escape the force of the Infinity Zone!
    Coop: Hey, it's a good thing no one told me that!
  • When Coop launched the Converted EMP Missile Refrigerator filled with rock pops and soda into the Eldritch Abomination, he awakened himself by trying to jump start the cable reception with MEGAS and the end result of the goop from said creature corroding the Wave Motion Gun of the Glorft.