Awesome / Metal Armor Dragonar

  • Kaine and Meyo's combined attack against Dorchenov. Recreated in some SRW games. In MX, the damage can reach up to 40000 HP.
  • The Triple Attack of the three Dragonars.
  • The final episode featured the two rival characters Kaine and Maio teaming up to exploit a glaring weakness in the most dangerous Humongous Mecha in the series, piloted by the series biggest Jerk Ass. Result? The two people who have clashed violently up to that point pull of a combination attack that would make many Super Robot pilots jealous, with the only real lead-in comment being a generic "follow my lead" kind of thing from Kaine. This attack has only once appeared in any Super Robot Wars game with the exact same choreography as the series, and has been altered to appear even more badass in all other appearances.
  • Dragonar also featured a scene in which the three main characters, using "borrowed" mecha, grab an enemy unit, carry it high into the air, fly toward the ground at top speed, and send the enemy unit flying straight into the ground, letting go only a few feet above the terrain below.