Awesome: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

  • Just watching K'NUCKLES of all people defeat an entire pirate crew single handedly in "100 Percencus", proves that even he can be a complete Badass when the opportunity arises.
    "I can't count to four, but I can count to three! One! Two! Three!" He pushes all the pirates out of Stormalong by himself.
    • Turns out he's a bit more of a Bad Ass and less of a Fake Ultimate Adventurer than everyone thought.
    • "I'm no gentleman... I'm an ADVENTURER!!!" "ADVENTURER!!"
  • K'nuckles standing up to the Bush Man, an odd creature seemingly made from vegetation that has spent the whole episode foiling his and Flapjacks quest of getting their hands on some fresh fruit, with K'nuckles fainting everytime he confronts it and it becomes hostile.
    Flapjack I'm so proud.