Funny / Just Dance

As with any series, Just Dance has it's funny moments.
  • In 2014, we have Pound The Alarm Vs. Kiss You, where Kiss You's dancer which seems to be a bit too goofy.
  • Speaking of Rick Roll, the dev team knew what they were doing. The dance has a superhero dancing in front of a city that needs help. He's rickrolling it.
  • In 2014, the dancer for Alfonso Signorini after the intro. Just... wow.
  • They Might Be Giants' Istanbul (Not Constantinople) in 4. Just take a look at the dancers.
  • The alternate version of Can't Take My Eyes Off You. Just watch.
  • Pretty much anything involving PSY, but the battle mode version of Gentleman (against Fine China) takes the cake because of the interaction between the two dancers with either song.
  • The Love Boat features a showman dancing an energetic, passionate dance on a wrecked piece of a stage that holds some still working lights and a broken piano. In the background, other wrecked stages float by with a couple dancing to the music, a few members of the live band pass by and explain the music, while the titular Love Boat slowly sinks into the ocean.
  • 4's version of We no speak Americano is funny as HELL.
  • Ladies and gentlemen...the Ievan Polkka.
    • The Community Remix has a feet in this trope and in Awesome Moments. Specially for the cosplayers, the dancers who got toy/plush leeks to dance with, and those who improvised dancing props with stuff like umbrellas, guitars, pillows, toy swords, rolled-up magazines...
  • The JD version of the William Tell Overture is heavily based on silent comedy. And it shows.
  • 2017 has the game's rendition of Haddaway's "What is Love"
  • Chiwawa has an already hilariously cheesy routine, but in this World Challenge video, one of the dancers is joined by a little boy. Much hilarity and cuteness ensue.