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Shout Out: Just Dance
Just Dance
  • DARE: The dancer wears a football helmet similar to the one Noodle wears in the offical video. Not to mention the Moonwalk at the end (Not in the video itself but hmmm...).
  • U Can't Touch This: One long homage to the original video and Hammer in general, not the least of with is the dancer looking like him (including parachute pants!).

Just Dance 2+Summer Party
  • It's Not Unusual: The routine is largely based on Tom Jones' style of dancing, including the now-famous "Carlton Dance" from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  • Jump: Kris Kross will commence to make ya.*
  • Maniac: Includes the famous running in place from Flashdance.
  • Pump Up The Volume: The finishing move is none other than the Moonwalk (See a pattern yet?), providing an example of Hilarious in Hindsight, considering the very next release was the Mission Pack Sequel Michael Jackson: The Experience.

Just Dance 3
  • Party Rock Anthem Dance-Mash Up routine; admit it, you knew something was up when the normal routine didn't have shuffling.

Just Dance 4
  • Superstition: The dancer bears a very strong resemblance to the Eleventh Doctor.

Just Dance 2014
  • Nitro Bot: The female dancer is a Rei Ayanami Expy.
  • Just a Gigolo: The female dancer resembles Jessica Rabbit, and the opening sequence is a parody of Disney's Silly Symphony shorts.
  • She Wolf (Falling to Pieces): With her side braid and ice dress, the dancer bares an uncanny resemblance to Queen Elsa, but could also bring the Ice Queen to mind due to the golden headpiece.
  • Applause: The dancer resembles Effie Trinket.
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