Heartwarming / Just Dance

  • The fact that “Miss Understood” was made for 2014. The song is about a girl who appears to be having a hard life, appearing to encourage the listener to not give up, like the singer. Also a Tear Jerker if you've been through what the singer has been…
  • YMMV, but anytime a song made with a heartwarming purpose is added. Upon hearing why We R Who We R was made and that it was DLC for 4, this troper rushed to download it.
    • May also explain the inclusion of "Don't Worry Be Happy" in Just Dance 2015; that song's video clip featured Robin Williams.
  • "Some Catchin' Up To Do," a song by the same artist who made "Miss Understood" (her name was spelled "Sammy" then but it is "Sammie" now), a song about a couple getting back together after a breakup.
  • The Community Remixes are made basically from submissions from fans with the original dance in the front. See for yourself: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 And that's not all of them!