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As with any series, Just Dance has its funny moments.

Just Dance 2

  • "Here Comes the Hotstepper" shows a Rabbid attempting to dance with the farmer. The farmer is annoyed and repeatedly shoos off the Rabbid. Hilarity Ensues. Near the end, the Rabbid is struck by lightning and the farmer dances while holding his foot. He accidentally kicks the Rabbid into the air and tries to catch him. The Rabbid falls and breaks into the ground and the front wall of the barn falls over, revealing many Rabbids packed instead.

Just Dance 4

  • "Never Gonna Give You Up". The dance has a superhero dancing in front of a city that's being invaded by aliens, a giant dinosaur, and giant robots. He's Rickrolling it.
  • They Might Be Giants' "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" in 4 is performed by a group of anthropomorphic animals. Just take a look at the dancers.
  • The alternate version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" is performed by the purple wrestler from "Final Countdown". Just watch.
  • 4's version of "We no speak Americano" is funny as HELL.


Just Dance 2014

  • In 2014's Battle Mode, every battle ends with the winner doing something against their opponent hilariously.
    • If "Kiss You" wins against "Pound the Alarm", "Kiss You" holds "Pound the Alarm" in his arms, Almost Kisses her, then drops her and walks off casually like a Jerkass as she disintegrates into hearts. If "Pound the Alarm" wins, she bumps "Kiss You" in the hip and lets him disintegrate into confetti.
    • If "C'mon" wins against "#thatPOWER", the "C'mon" panda deactivates "#thatPOWER", as he is a hologram. If "#thatPOWER" wins, the panda deliberately jumps off the screen for no reason.
    • If "She Wolf" wins against "Where Have You Been", "She Wolf" slowly freezes "Where Have You Been". If "Where Have You Been" wins, she slowly melts "She Wolf". Talk about ice vs. fire.
    • If "Fine China" wins against "Gentleman", "Fine China" spins around like a tornado and "Gentleman" attempts to do the same, but falls and breaks into marbles. If "Gentleman" wins, he pushes "Fine China", who gets Blown Across the Room.
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  • In 2014, the dancer for "Alfonso Signorini" turns into a flamboyant superhero after the intro and performs an exaggerated dance.
  • "The Love Boat" features a showman dancing an energetic, passionate dance on a wrecked piece of a stage that holds some still working lights and a broken piano. In the background, other wrecked stages float by with a couple dancing to the music, a few members of the live band pass by and perform to the music, while the titular Love Boat slowly sinks into the ocean.

Just Dance 2016

Just Dance 2017

Just Dance 2018

  • The Backpack Kid's dance actually made it into the routine for "Swish Swish" in 2018.
  • Playing "Make it Jingle" in 2018 is hysterical - not only because of the lyrics and twerking reindeer but also because of the fact that it's completely unexpected from an E10+ game. See for yourself.
  • Also from 2018 is "Carmen", which has players acting as if they were in a bullfight, which means that one player will be the bull.

Just Dance 2019

Just Dance 2020

  • For hilariously unexpected songs, there's a cover of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" (based on the Spamalot version of the song), which features a quartet of spooky characters (a vampire, a zombie gal, a skeleton, and a big purple Cthulhumanoid) doing a chorus line.
  • "Fancy Footwork" is amusing enough, with a guy in a bathrobe getting ready for a night on the town and imagining himself as a suave disco dancer. But Homestuck fans who remember the song being used in the "WH4T NOW?" meme might just bust a gut when it gets to the bridge.
  • The fact that "Skibidi" uses the exact moves from its viral dance challenge. Heck, even the coaches from different routines began performing with the song's coaches in the background.
  • Even though "Infernal Gallop (Can-Can)" is a public domain song, Ubisoft decided to make it even more hilarious by creating a cover that is made out of nothing but animal sounds and even edited the coaches so that they have animal heads singing to the song while dancing to it too!

Non-game-specific Examples

  • Any song involving Amusing Injuries, such as "Limbo" from 2014 and "Never Gonna Give You Up" from 4.
  • Pretty much every choreography inspired by PSY, but the battle mode version of "Gentleman" (against "Fine China") takes the cake because of the interaction between the two dancers with either song.
  • The fact that there is a reference to the series in American Dad!, of all things. In the episode "Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses", Roger can be seen doing the Just Dance choreography for "Call Me Maybe".
  • The fact that these games are still being released on the Wii several years after the console and its immediate successor have been discontinued is pretty hilarious on its own.

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