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Funny: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle


Part 1

  • William A. Zeppeli's backward running animation. There are no words for how goofy it looks.

Part 2

  • Joseph's counter taunt special. He says "Your next sentence is: <opponent's taunt>". Then the opponent is forced to taunt and his/her "taunting panel" appear, then they realize what Joseph did and their "taunting panel" is changed to their "being taunted panel".
    • Even funnier is how he literally imitates Part 3 DIO's "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" and Valentine's "DOJYAAA~N!"
    • Made even more funny how imitates the way Iggy chews his gum.
    • Best of all is how he imitates Baoh's "BARUBARUBARUBARUBARUBARU!", and Baoh being shocked at Joseph's correct guess... despite the fact that Baoh cannot say anything else in his battle form.
  • Speaking of Joseph, the Western release of the game does a good job of finding a way to deal with his old "Happy, joy-py, nice to meet you-py!" taunt line, by changing it to a cute little Spoonerism instead: "Damn meased to pleet ya!"
  • Also, Joseph has the fastest backwards running speed. RUN AWAY!
  • When Esidisi dies, his brain pops out of his head.

Part 3

  • The fact that Hol Horse's rotten luck persists in the All Star Battle League, losing all three of his fights and being the first to suffer one of the stages' Situation Finishes.
  • Iggy's GHA. Depending on his "outfit", he either (normal) bites the opponent's nose, or (pre-Art Evolution) farts in their face.
  • Jotaro has a taunt where he bursts out laughing. And he totally did so in the manga too. This can be so Out of Character its hilarious for some who haven't read the manga yet.

Part 4

  • Josuke's infinite.
    • His GHA. Josuke heals his opponent to full health, then batters them so badly, they're worse off than before. Especially in the case of Johnny. Josuke's heal allows him to stand again, but the ensuing beatdown cripples him once more. Looks like the only thing worse than insulting Josuke's hair is mockingly complimenting it. Here's the link.
    • Everyone has a different reaction to his pompadour hairstyle.
      • Jonathan: he wonders if he can hit that hairstyle with a ripple attack!
      • William A. Zeppeli: Wonders if he's hiding something in his hair.
      • Polnareff: Offers to give Josuke a haircut.
      • Iggy: being a dog, he insults it, and Josuke SOMEHOW knows he's mocking him!
      • Pt. 3 Joseph: he snickers that Josuke's parents must be ashamed of how he styles his hair. Joseph is Josuke's biological father!
      • DIO: he proclaims Josuke's hair looks like cowshit.
      • Josuke:
      Josuke: Your hair... is not GREAT.
      Josuke: What the fuck did you say about my hair?!
      • Giorno: Has the balls to claim his hair's better arranged. The same Giorno with a batshit ridiculous @@@ hairdo.
      • Johnny: Dryly and sarcastically compliments said hairdo, saying it looks "super great." But of course, Josuke detects sarcasm and gets his powerup anyway.
      • Baoh: Since Ikuro/Baoh can't talk properly, the narrator speaks for him claiming that Baoh doesn't like how Josuke's pompadour smells. Yet Josuke still figures it out, gets pissed off and takes it out on poor Ikuro.
  • The last part of Okuyasu's super move. After a painful beatdown with The Hand, Okuyasu gives his opponent a badass glare and a smirk...then a flowerpot comes out of nowhere and whacks him in the face.
  • The All Star Battle League's Final 4: Jotaro Kujo, Dio Brando, Caesar Zeppeli, and...Koichi Hirose. Well, one of those contestants doesn't seem to fit.
  • The Western localisation changes Kosaku-Kira's taunt line of "I, Yoshikage Kira, have luck on my side!" to the strangely Adorkable "Everything's coming up Kira!"

Part 5

  • Giorno's HHA when done on Polnareff: His tongue shoots out and stretches up to his right ear! (Which totally happened in the manga too)
  • If Fugo wins a round without ending the match, Purple Haze will sometimes do a silly dance while chuckling.
  • Mista, Narancia and Fugo now have taunts where they break out dancing. The same dance they forced poor Mario Zucchero to watch.

Part 6

  • In the Western localization, Jolyne's Heart Heat Attack quote is changed from "How many throws (of the ball) can I do in a row? A thousand!" to "How deep can I hit? Balls deep!"

Part 7

  • The fact that Johnny can still say his "I don't feel like dismounting today." taunt when he's not even on his horse.
  • The mostly serious Valentine prefacing his HHA with his comically adorable "DOJYAAA~N" line and a shrug.

Part 8

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