Nightmare Fuel: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

  • Doppio's transformation to Diavolo, at least in PV 5, is quite unsettling. We see Doppio pop up and be his usual self, when suddenly his eyes turn uncharacteristically sharp and aggressive, and his voice drops several octaves. For the brief seconds we see Diavolo!Doppio, the whole thing comes off like he's possessed. Then he steps through the panel divider, apparently pulling off his shirt, and Diavolo comes out the other side. For all we know, he could have just pulled his skin off. (It's based on manga panels where removing his shirt triggered the change, but you can't tell from the game's cutaway.)
  • Fugo's GHA. Enjoy the screams of pain and anguish.
  • Having fun decimating your opponents with Giorno's Gold Experience Requiem? Remember how anything killed by it is stuck in a hell of horrible, painful deaths with no escape? The thought of being able to subject characters like Jonathan and Koichi to this fate is terrifying to say the least.
  • Funny Valentine's GHA is fairly unsettling: he transports himself and his opponent to an alternate dimension, next to said dimension's versions of themselves. Valentine's safe, thanks to his stand, but his opponent ends up getting fused with his alternate self and splitting apart into Menger sponges. The game's graphics engine uses tricks with the color, similar to with Fugo's GHA to compensate for the fact that what's happening to their bodies is really gnarly.
  • Similar to the Requiem example; have fun knocking your opponent through the Situational Finishes? Remember that some of these are rather fatal. And few characters can even find a way around these:
    • Dios Castle - Falling off, especially if its not someone like Kakyoin and can't find something to break their fall
    • Battlefield - Trampled by vampire horses
    • DIO's Mansion - Falling out of a several story building. Vampires and pillarmen have it worst, as they disintegrate due to the sunlight.
    • El Cairo Streets - Thrown several dozen yards into the air, colliding with a water tower. In other words, reenacting Kayoin's death.
    • Morioh - Possibly the most horrific. Imagine a hero character like Jonathan or Lisa Lisa being dragged into Reimi's Alley and dragged off into the next life.
    • Naples - Hooked by Pesci and the train drags the loser across the runway and onto the tracks. Said hook will dig into the victim's heart. Some like Buccerati, Jolyne, and Esidisi can work around this however. Anyone else? Well...
    • Kennedy Space Center - Crashing off several railings off the inverted building.
    • Maiden Heaven - While there isn't a Situation Finish per say; unless Pucchi is somehow defeated, the loser would likely be killed and wiped out of existence.