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Heartwarming: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
  • You know the completely evil, dog-killing, murderer, Dio Brando? He, at the very least, respects his son Giorno... Which makes sense considering his Start of Darkness.
    [After winning against Giorno] Dio: ...You... I like you...
    [After winning against Dio] Giorno: I will use this power I inherited from you for my own dreams!
  • In the "what if" DLC scenario for Vento Aureo. Fugo learns about the deaths of Narancia and Buccelati (and the unplayable Abbacchio, presumably) after he chose to abandon his friends in fear of the boss at Saint George Cathedral in Venice. Disappointed in himself, he brings himself before Giorno, now the Don of the Passione mafia, and begs to be taken back into the family. Giorno readies his almost godlike Gold Experience Requiem and asks Fugo to prove how serious he is by defeating him in this state. If you somehow win this fight, Giorno forgives Fugo's decision nonetheless, and embraces him once more as a friend. In response, Fugo furiously weeps Manly Tears, and this time pledges his loyalty, "body, heart and soul" to Giorno for life. Just like his half-father Jonathan and his real dad Dio, Giorno is kindness personified.

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