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Funny: House of Mouse

"House" segments

  • In "House of Crime", a clue states that the guy who's kidnapping everyone has a grudge.
    Donald: What!? I don't hold a grudge? (everyone looks at him suspiciously) What?
    (scene transition; Donald is locked in the elevator)
    Donald I WANT A LAWYER!!!
    • The Running Gag of Donald following an annoyed Goofy shouting "Everybody loves me! I never get mad!".
  • Another running gag involves Donald getting trampled by a gaggle of Disney characters in several episodes.
  • In "Donald Wants to Fly", Donald dons a pair of donkey ears because donkeys can't fly. Cue the flying donkey from The Three Caballeros.
  • King Larry messing around with Horace's controls in "King Larry Swings In".
    • The crew reminding Donald what happened the last time royalty visited the club.
  • In "Gone Goofy", Mickey asks Donald if he's going to give Goofy a (literal) pink-slip to get him fired, Donald hesitates for a moment before shouting yes.
  • In "Clarabelle's Big Secret," Chernabog's cameo where he reveals he's afraid of the dark.
  • During "Where's Minnie?", when Daisy is left in charge of the club while everyone else searches for Minnie, we get this exchange:
    Daisy (introducing the next segment): "Usually we'd show a cartoon here, but instead I've got an act! It was written by me, stars me and guess who's in it: me!"
    Mortimer Mouse (in the audience): "Quit threatening us already and show the cartoon!"
  • In the pilot episode when Donald takes over the House, he keeps trying to rename the place to "House of Duck", only to instead given plaques reading "House of Muck" and "House of Yuck", ending with... "House of Pancakes".
  • Donald sleeping on the job while momeraths hop right over him in "House of Genius"
    Aurora: And they call me Sleeping Beauty.
    • In the same episode, Goofy asks Captain Hook if he'll like deep-dish or pan pizza. Hook's response is "Bring me PAN!"
    • The robot Donald's clear way of speaking, introducing himself as "Duwwod".
  • In "The Stolen Cartoons", Mickey is feeling slightly stressed, so Minnie suggests he has a drink. Cue Mickey taking a drink out of a rather large pet water bottle.
  • In "The Unplugged Club", Mickey is stressed and Minnie asks him "Do you need a timeout in your wheel?" Then we see the single biggest hamster wheel in history.
  • "House of Scrooge" begins with Scrooge walking up on the stage and berating Mickey's act. When Mickey asks what he's doing there, Scrooge informs him that he bought the House of Mouse,. Cut to Donald, who facepalms.
    • And right after there's this exchange:
    Mickey: "You can't buy the place! Pete owns it!"
    Scrooge: "Everyonehas their price."
    <Pete drives up in a golf cart out of nowhere, dressed like a pimp and lugging around a gigantic bag with a dollar sign on it>
    Pete: "And my price is a big fat bag of cash! ''<floors it offscreen, laughing like a maniac and causing crashes and screams offscreen>
  • "No one breaks their leg like Gaston!" *offscreen crash*
  • What happens when the Big Bad Wolf plays his trumpet too hard?
  • In Goofy's adorkable musical number, "Soup or Salad, Fries or Biscuits" (a waiter themed parody of "Supercalifragiallisticexpialidocious"), we find out that the Mad Hatter intends to order pizza with "no crust, no sauce and no cheese".
  • Jafar going on a date with Maleficent. It goes about as well as one would expect.
    Jafar: My dear, I've been looking for a diamond in the rough!
    (Maleficent blasts him with lightning.)
    Iago: Real smooth, Prince Charming.
  • In Panchito's I Am Song, it's revealed that one of his relatives is a bucket of fried chicken.
  • ALL of Pete's "Boom Da Boom" song, but Mickey's reaction to it really sells it.

MouseWorks shorts

  • "Rollercoaster Painters" has Mickey and Donald in a paint war while riding the coaster, only for the frantic madness to freeze momentarily to allow Goofy (floating upwards on balloons) to pass them.
  • In "Pit Crew", Goofy counts down a Long List of puns about gas, including the gas meter, gas mask, gas valve, gas lamp, gastropod and the "gas-t of honor" (the Mad Hatter).
    • After Goofy's hat is ruined, he tries on Donald's hat, Mickey's ears and their girlfriends' bows.
  • Several instances in "Hydro Squirter":
    • Von Drake's rocketship stuck in a countdown: "...five, four, three, two, two, two, two..."
    • Von Drake's shower nozzle pouring out ice cubes ("Too cold, too cold, too cold!") and then a stream of fire ("Too hooooot!").
    • As his shower-turned-teleport-machine sinks into a lake, Von Drake says, "Hey! You're not a sink, you're a tub!"
    • When Von Drake finds himself on the tracks of a roller coaster: "Oh, would you look at that view? And look at that... (sees coaster train coming at him) ROLLY COASTER?!?!"
    • The tub's alarm message, with Von Drake's usual rambling:
    "Step away from the tub, you kooky criminal you! This is not a warning! Well, it actually is a warning, but you know what I mean."
    • The ending, where Von Drake gets rid of the stuck rocket by transporting it away with the tub. He then gets a call from Mickey about the rocket in his bathtub.
  • From "Hickory Dickory Mickey:
    Goofy: Yfoog s'ti. Yekcim olleh.
    Mickey: Goofy, you're talking in the wrong end of the phone again!
    Goofy: Spoo.
  • In the Goofy's Extreme Sports segment about rock climbing, Goofy is performing various poses and techniques, including:
    Goofy: Look, Ma, no hands!
    Narrator: What are you doing!? YOU'LL FALL!
  • In another Goofy's Extreme Sports segment, on paracycling, Goofy engages in some aerial acrobatics as he falls. As he does this...
    Narrator: As the ground looms, it is time to activate the parachute.
    (Goofy gets into a reclining position while falling.)
    Narrator: I said, ACTIVATE THE PARACHUTE!!!
    (Goofy does so — underneath him.)
    Narrator: And you should always open it above you.
    (The parachute gets tangled all over Goofy's body, wrapping him up like a mummy.)
  • The entirety of "How To Be A Gentleman" (3:36 at the link). The ending, where Goofy beats the narrator up with a club after he berates him for forgetting his pants, doubles as Goofy's Moment Of Awesome.
    • On that note, we have Goofy greeting The Queen of England:
    Goofy: HIYA QUEENIE!
    (Queen hits him with her scepter)
    Goofy: Hey, Liz?
    (Queen hits him again)
    Goofy: Your Royal Pain?
    (Queen hits him again)
    Goofy: Ouch!
    (Queen hits him again)
    Goofy: All I said was ouch!
    (Queen hits him some more)
    Narrator: One should bow gracefully and say, "my dear Queen, how delightful to make your acquaintance".
    (Queen hits him so hard that he falls and a lump grows on his head...and several more lumps grow from said lump)
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