Awesome: House of Mouse

House segments:

  • "House Ghosts" has the three hitchhiking ghosts from The Haunted Mansion scaring Pete while performing "Grim Grinning Ghosts". As a bonus, the musical number even features a cameo by the Hatbox Ghost.
  • Mortimer getting his comeuppance for attempting to get Mickey and Minnie to break up in "Mickey and the Culture Clash".

MouseWorks shorts:

  • "Mickey's Cabin" deserves a mention for Mickey outsmarting both Pete and his cousin Zeke and tricking both of them into turning themselves in to jail.
  • Minnie telling off Mortimer and punching him in "Mickey and the Goat Man".
  • "Mickey's Remedy" has Mickey tricking Donald's nephews into thinking that they have "Bolvanian Brain Fever" to teach them a lesson after they've taken advantage of his hospitality by Playing Sick. He goes as far as convincing them that they have died, and will go to "the bad place" unless they redeem themselves.