Funny / Halkegenia Online

  • Princess Henrietta greeting Captain Gramont as they come to his fort after meeting Mortimer and the Salamander task force.
    "Good day again, Captain Grammond." The Princess smiled warmly, "We met an army of Fairies and their Lord on the way back to the Palace, and need a place to entertain them, could we trouble you for the use of your fort?"
  • Louise seeing the World Tree for the first time.
    Louise: Wuh- b- buh - Big . . . Tree.
    Siesta: That's what I said, Miss.
  • Kirito's first meeting with Mortimer. At the end he can't decide if he has been complimented with a threat or a threatened with a compliment.
  • When Guiche breaks into Purple Prose upon seeing Kirito's Gender Bender disguise.
    • The simple fact that Midori exists in the first place.
  • Wardes having the audacity to date his letter of resignation the day he left Tristain and give it to DUCHESS VALLIERE. This line afterwards is gold:
    Sakuya shared a look with Morgiana. They'd already known that Tristain was inhabited by orcs and dragons, it was a hell of a time to learn it also had trolls.
  • Yui notes that parents usually desire grandchildren. Then asks Leafa/Suguha if she'll make a good mother.
  • In one of the outtakes The rebellion speculates that Midori/Kirito may be the fourth, illegitimate, daughter of Vallire and a successful human experiment.
  • Caramella's Freudian Slip upon seeing Asuna and Midori kiss.
  • When Midori dismisses her Gleaming Eyes illusion, she discovers that her clothes were not so fortunate as to remain on her person.
  • Quite a lot of the Recursive Fanfiction, some which are semi-canon but quite a lot of them goes in strange but funny directions.
  • A lot of the accidental (or are they?) parallels to the real world history and mythology end up being Hilarious in Hindsight, or simply plain funny. Examples include Morgiana introducing herself as Morgian Le Fay, Louise wondering why a military operation was named after a tiny fishing village in another country, and the Fae volunteer forces being seen by the common soldier as the children of Maeb/Medb returning home.
  • Kino's a fan of Dragon Tamer Silica.
  • Koko and Louise meeting Scarron at the Charming Fairy Inn because, well... It's Scarron.
  • Botan being Squicked to the point of a near breakdown at the sight of Kirche making out with one of the caretakers of Terrance De Martou's home.
  • Guiche recounts his adventures with Midori, and his brothers one-up themselves in pointing out how ridiculous they sound. Cue Midori appearing out of nowhere, and calmly stating that yes, they are absolutely true.
    • And he goes straight into another round of Purple Prose upon seeing her again, this time in a dress.
  • During the scene in the Map Room where Mortimer and Guiche's father are planning Operation Dunkirk, they constantly rush out to grab military officers from the War Room who can help with specific parts of the plan. By the time Karin returns to check up on progress, everyone has moved into the Map Room, and the War Room is pretty much empty.
  • After ripping the pursuing mage apart, KoKo, still in her panther form, proceeds to tongue-wash Louise.
  • Caramella kissing Agnes and the Gramont brothers' reaction.
  • Kirito's reaction to Montermoncey telling "Midori" that "she" is such a good influence on Guiche and that "she" should not disappear from his life again.
  • The immortal words of General Belgen de Gramont, Supreme Commander of the ground forces of the Kingdom of Tristain, upon being confronted with about 400 Pixies who have just volunteered for military service: "But, all this talk about uniforms we were just having. I have to ask. Where are we supposed to get twelve hundred pairs of panties in their size?"
  • Kirito and Asuna's tea with Queen Henrietta and Wales.
  • Mortimer and Sakuya get a faceful of wedding cake, courtesy of Morgiana.
  • In the Beach Episode Liz decides that it's Klein's turn to deal with her crazy Master
  • Argo's reaction to seeing Octavia's true form
  • Montmorency's reactions to the aftermath of the battle with Octavia, especially on learning Octavia's true form.
  • Shiori 'identifying' Tiffa:
    “Puca . . . or Sylph . . .” She mumbled some nonsense as her eyes rested on Tiff's ears. She felt a flush begin and then curiosity as the girl's eyes wondered off from her most distinguishing feature and fell upon her chest. “Definitely a Sylph.”