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Tear Jerker: Halkegenia Online
  • KoKo cradling the photo of a son she left behind.
  • The identity of Arguile after his death? Hiraga Saito. Canon is now completely destroyed.
  • Rip Jack's final moments. Despite everything that he has done, you can't help but feel at least a little bit sorry for the poor delusional fool.
  • Arc 2 Chapter 11, part 5, that is all.
  • Chapter 12, part 3: Yui breaking apart like a porcelain doll, asking Kirito to forgive her for being reckless again.
  • In the Beach Episode chapter of 3.0 Yuuki confides in Shiune about her Survivor Guilt for having outlived her sister just long enough to get a new body and lease on life thanks to the Transition.
  • The Beach Episode again. Poor Djinn-kun. Sometimes it's the small losses that hit the hardest.
  • Montmorency delivering news to Ianith. The worst part? Her husband had probably never really existed other than as an entry in a quest log.
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