Nightmare Fuel / Halkegenia Online

  • Martou is a confirmed poacher and has ties to Reconquista. He bought several pixies kidnapped from the Tarbes Garden. A possible horrific result is shown in an author omake in which Bidalsha stumbles upon Sheffield's experiments.
  • Ephialtes and Sigurd's plans for the Fae, especially Leafa and Sakuya.
  • Everything about the Zombie Fae, especially Aki.
  • Octavia's Shapeshifter Swan Song in the 3.0 Beach Episode invokes the Terminal Mutation form of the Transformation Horror subtrope. Somewhat subverted in that it ends with a Ridiculously Cute Critter.
  • From the enemy's point of view, the Shiori. The chase scene where a terrified Sheffield tries to run from them reads like a horror novel.